Published On : Sat, Mar 5th, 2016

Sticky ground: No registry of plots in urban-rural parts leaves many sulking


Nagpur: In a startling revelation it has come to the fore that hundreds of plot holders in urban and rural areas are cursing the authorities as registry has been stalled since the past one and a half years. Stopping of registry of plots is ultimately denting the coffers of State Government as well as income of private persons involved in the profession. It is further revealed that the move is not on the part of State policy but a diktat issued by allegedly by the Guardian Minister.

Hundreds of people with dream of owning a house have purchased plots in easy installments in outer areas of the city as well as surrounding rural parts. After the installments are over, the layout owners go ahead for making registry in the name of plot owners. Around 5000 persons are involved in the profession of carving out layouts and dealing in plots. The number of layouts too are hundreds. The layouts are carved out after purchasing a big portion of the land from original owners mostly by paying 25 percent of the deal amount. Thereafter, plots of certain measures are marked and sold in installment payment to the prospective buyers.

However, the move to stop registry of new plots has left the new owners sulking. Sources said that at least 50 registries are used to be made in each Registrar’s office. State Government, approximately earns Rs 50,000 in the form of Stamp Duty on a plot ad measuring 1500 sq ft. Apart from government, NMC too earns a revenue of 10 percent over sale-purchase of each plot if deal is done in city limits.

Land layout

If this equation is taken into consideration, the government could be losing revenue of Rs 15-20 lakh daily assuming 50 registries daily, 25000 registries in one and a half years and Rs 50,000 stamp duty on a plot of 1500 sq ft. The other side effects of ‘no registry’ could be terrible magnitude both for the sellers of the plots and the purchasers. Their money is blocked on idle plots as no construction activity could be undertaken in the absence of registry. No surprise, the layout holders and builders are sulking and the common people are feeling harassed.

What prompted the Guardian Minister to issue the diktat of stopping the new registries of plots would be hazardous to guess. But sources said that whenever the BJP comes to power in State, registry of plots in Nagpur District gets stalled. Sources recall that when Nitin Gadkari was Guardian Minister the registries were stopped and now Chandrashekhar Bawankule is at the helm, the registry is stopped, again.