Published On : Wed, Nov 18th, 2015

State mulling acquisition of defunct private power companies

Maharashtra State Electricity Board
Nagpur: In a significant move, the Maharashtra Government has drawn a plan to take acquisition of closed down private power companies in the State. Talking to media on Wednesday, the Director of Maharashtra State Electricity Board Holding Company Vishwas Pathak said that after considering the requirement of electricity in the State, the decision to take acquisition of such closed down power companies could be taken.

According to Pathak, there are a number of private power projects that have gone defunct. These power projects could have generated 2000 megawatt of electricity. Moreover, a staggering Rs 15,000 crore have been invested in these power projects. If cheap electricity could be procured from the power projects, then more money could be invested in such projects, state the Director.

“The State Government has initiated many steps to provide concessions to the people. The effects could be seen in the coming days. Even today, the State is suffering 20-25 percent loss in power distribution. This forced bringing of feeder concept and accordingly, feeder managers were appointed.

However, the plan could not be much use. But the concept will continue with certain changes. In the State, power distribution arrangements are being implemented through franchisee companies even though these companies are in the midst of charges of irregularities. But still the arrangement is very good,” averred the Director Vishwas Pathak and added that those officials found guilty of delaying expansion of Koradi and Chandrapur power generating units would face severe action.