Published On : Tue, Aug 23rd, 2016

State Govt misleading people over scrapping of NIT: Anil Pande

Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Morcha
The President of Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Morcha Anil Pande has termed the State Government move to transfer all the powers of NIT to NMC as misleading. “Our organization launched many agitations since the year 2007 demanding scrapping of Nagpur Improvement Trust. Subsequently, during the 2014 election campaigns, the BJP leaders were forced to dole out promises to citizens on dismissal of the NIT. Now, the State Government, led by BJP, has issued a ‘fatwa’ on merging of NIT into NMC. But still, 721 villages in Nagpur rural are in the vice-like grip of NIT, which is a clear violation of Indian Constitution and Panchayat Raj,” Anil Pande said.

“Since the past few days, the Chief Minister and Guardian Minister are issuing different kinds of statements. Sometimes the Guardian Minister talks of development charges as Rs 112 and Rs 56 and the Chief Minister pegs the amount at Rs 75. Whereas, Nitin Gadkari, while in Opposition had declared to recover development charge as Re 1 only. It was being felt that the BJP-led Government would provide citizens the relief from “Lagaan” but this government has emerged a step ahead of English (British) rule. The government is talking of Rs 75 development charge per square foot instead of Rs 16 in accordance with Gunthewari Act 2001. It is injustice to citizens and poor people,” Pande stated.

President of Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Morcha Anil Pande
The President of Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Morcha has warned of an intense agitation against the decision of the State Government. He has demanded development of Nagpur rural through local Gram Panchayats and Zilla Parishad instead of through NIT. “NIT should be totally abolished. The State Government should follow Panchayat Raj system or else Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Morcha will take a delegation to Delhi on October 2 and apprise the President, Prime Minister and Opposition leaders about the grievances of Nagpur citizens,” Pande warned.

Others present on the occasion include Nana Aslam, Ravindra Borkar, Motiram Sawane, Sheshrao Balpande, Ravi Pimple, Dinesh Adole, Anil Thakre, Mahadeo Tambekar, Dinesh Ambule, Pushpa Tambekar, Nalu Rokde, Salma Pathan, Vimal Rana, Anita Tembhurne and others.

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