Published On : Wed, Apr 1st, 2015

State Govt approves NMC proposal for giving conservancy lane land between two plots on lease in entire layouts

Nagpur Municipal Corporation is expected to earn Rs 400 crore in the next four years at the rate of Rs 100 crore per year apart of revenue of 2 percent land cess.

NAGPUR: In a significant decision, Maharashtra Government has approved the NMC proposal of giving on lease the conservancy lanes (safai gallya) between two plots in entire Nagpur city. The conservancy lanes between two plots were made available in some old layouts within the limits of Nagpur Municipal Corporation for servicing of sewer lines which were then open. But over a period of time the laying of underground sewer lines was completed in the city making these lanes between two plots redundant. However, it came to the notice of NMC that the adjoining plot holders or anti-social elements encroached or usurped these conservancy lanes, according to Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari.
To overcome the menace, NMC passed two resolutions dated 21.10.96 and 16.3.97 for giving the conservancy lanes on 30-year lease to adjoining plot holders. But at that time the State Government approved the NMC proposals for only four layouts (New Dharampeth, Congress Nagar, Barse Nagar-Pachpaoli and Jattarodi) with some terms and conditions. The terms and conditions were:
• The half-half portion of total width of conservancy lane could be given to adjoining plot holders on equal basis.
• The cost of the conservancy lane land should be twice the rate of current Government’s Town Planning Department ready reckoner and be recovered from the plot holders at one go. Similarly, 2 percent land cess would be levied annually.
• No permanent or temporary construction could be allowed on the land of conservancy lane and if any, should be demolished. The land could be used for open provisions such as gardens etc.
• The lease period would of 30 years and the renewal of lease period will be the right of NMC.
Pursuing the matter further, the NMC passed more resolutions on 4.6.13 and in the budget presented for 2013-14 several changes were made for giving the conservancy lane land for lease to adjoining plot holders.
Subsequently, the Maharashtra Government approved the proposal of NMC on 26.3.15 by which the conservancy lane land could be given on lease to adjoining plot holders in entire Nagpur City. The area of conservancy lane land is approximately 2,07,62,511 sq mtr and the NMC is expected to earn Rs 400 crore in the next four years at the rate of Rs 100 crore per year apart of revenue of 2 percent land cess.
Dayashankar Tiwari has thanked the Chief Minister for the expeditious move in approving the NMC proposals for giving the conservancy lane land on lease for entire city.
Till now, the conservancy lanes were used for dumping garbage and domestic scrap in several places and reduced to breeding grounds of diseases, pests and mosquitoes.