Published On : Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

Square next to Imambada Police Station witnesses perpetual traffic jams

Nagpur traffic jams

Nagpur: In spite of umpteen requests for installation of a traffic signal at Imambada Square, the cops of Imambada Police Station seemed to be doing nothing in this regard. Be it morning or night, one can witness a perpetual traffic jam on this square.

This square intersects at perpendicularly at 90 degrees. While one road brings vehicular traffic from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Square (near Mokshadham), the other brings vehicular traffic from Dalda Factory Square, the third brings vehicular traffic from Bara Signal Area and finally the last one brings vehicular traffic from Baidyanath Square.


The drivers of many big buses of Private Travels do not even bother about the other road users who are traversing on the main road from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Square (near Mokshadham) to Baidhyanath Square. They simply barge into the road, causing chaos. Till they take their buses onto the main road, the rest of the traffic comes to a standstill.

Those coming from Bara Signal area too are very arrogant and want to cross the road first. No one dares to confront them for the fear of getting into fisticuffs or verbal duel with these goons like persons.

There is an old concept of “Right of the Way”. The people and vehicles travelling on the Main Road always have the right of the way. Those intersecting the main road or joining the traffic of the main road have to wait for the traffic on the main road to clear before intersecting the road. However, the citizens of Nagpur do not seem to adhering to this rule.

The cops and their own vehicles too often get trapped in the traffic jams witnessed at all times every day. Yet what are the traffic cops attached with Imambada Police Station doing? Well they are busy penalizing the errant violators of motor-vehicle Acts. Is Traffic control not their primary duty?

The cops’ argument that traffic signals can’t be placed in close distances does not seem to work here since it is a must at this square. If placing Signal poles are not possible in the centre of the square, signals mounted on Cantilever constructions can be placed at the corners.

Need to make four places outside city limits for Private Travel Buses

Pune city succeeded in curbing traffic jams by restricting the entry of all private travels’ busses into the city limits. Only MSRTC and Pune Municipal Transport buses ply in city limits. They have allocated a big ground in Shaniwarwada where all private travels’ busses start and culminate their journey. People have to enter the city using auto-rickshaws and their own vehicles.

If the city administration and the traffic department allocate a place outside city limits for these private road travels’ buses, then a major problem of traffic congestion would get sorted out. The places could be

  • In Wadi area
  • In Wardha Road after Hotel Pride
  • On Koradi Road after Mankapur
  • On Umred Road after Bada Taj Bagh.

This will also prevent these unscrupulous people from violating all motor vehicle laws. Any person traversing on Baidyanth Square, Model Mills Square to Dalda Company or at Chatrapati Square or even Rahate Colony square will experience problems because of the haphazardly parked private travels’ buses.

By Samuel Gunasekharan