Published On : Sat, Apr 6th, 2019

Spiritual Engineering – “ Let’s See Golden Smoke In India Again ! ”-Ar Abhishek Deshpande


Part 1

Spiritual Engineering works for Human Development & Prosperity . Currently Spiritual Practices ( Like Havans i.e Fire Worship , Yantra Worship , Idol Worship & Nature Worship ) become individualistic & to achieve own objective only . Spiritual Engineering suggest that need to perform spiritual practices for Social & National interest . Right now Spiritual Religious Events such as Ganesh Festival , Durga Festival have lost their spiritual significance & become celebration only . Need to restore Spiritual importance in that religious events to get benefits for the society.


In ancient times king or Governor were performing regular spiritual practices for their own as well as for development of society & state . Before Islamic rule in India , kings were performing fire worship ( Yagya ) to get blessings from Gods & Goddesses such as Spiritual worship of Lord Indra & Lord Varuna to grace rainwater for farming & live hood . Whereas Spiritual worship of Lord Yama to conquer danger of deadly deceases , natural disasters etc . So , need to review these historical facts in current scenario by the people who represents in Governance ( Like ancient Kings represent the citizens )

But , Irony of current situation is that people representative have engaged to resolve their own problems  & expectations .

After Independence the Iron lady , Mrs Indira Gandhi , our Ex Prime Minister provided unique examples of Spiritual Practices for the security of Nation viz in 1971 she successfully performed Tantrik Worship to battle down our rivals under the guidance of an great seers ( Sidhha ) . Where as before independence , According to Mughal sources , Akbar-The – Great also visited Jwala Temple ( Goddess of Fire – Himachal Pradesh ) on feet to restore prosperous glory of the state . On the same line , Prophets of Prophetic religions recommends community prayers to achieve welfare & prosperity for the society & humanity .

From an early age Ar Abhishek Deshpande is fascinated about the golden age on Indian Subcontinent during the periods of Maurya and Mughal empires. To get the answer for this he has done deep research since 2002 on Veda’s, Vastu Shastra, Tantra Sutra, Yoga Sutra and Upanishads. Being an Architect it was easy for him to understand the principles of Vastu Shastra, based on this he has presented a paper named “Influence of Vastu Shastra on Mughal Establishment” during International Vedic conference held at Jabalpur in 2002. This paper was appreciated by the delegates resulting into a deep discussion on the topic.

In 2003, during a discussion with eminent thinker and great RSS ideologist Shri Dattopantji Thengdi inspired him to do an unbiased study on the Biblical and Quranic verses. This was the ideological turning point for him that led opening the gateway for him to understand the divine identity along with purity and prosperity on Indian Subcontinent.

Then in 2005, he got a opportunity to interact with RSS Supremo Shri Sudarshanji about Vastu Shastra and Mughal Empire, during interaction a question was raised by Supremo as “Whether Indian Vastu Shastra, Tantra Sutra and Yoga Sutra had any influence on Mughal empire, if so then is it possible to implement the same equation in today’s context to achieve the same kind purity and prosperity which was enjoyed in Indian subcontinent during Mughal Empire ? “ After getting satisfied answer from Ar Abhishek ,  Supremo assigned him to redesign and reconstruct RSS headquarters Nagpur on the principles of ancient Indian Vastu Shastra.

In 2006 Ar Abhishek submitted a Vastu Shastra analysis and rectification report for RSS head quarters to RSS Supremo. The conclusion of the report was firstly, absence of “Absolute One” in previous RSS headquarters as per Vastu Shastra and secondly, how to successfully restore the “Absolute One” in RSS headquarters as per Vastu Shastra.

Based on the report , work started in 2006 and successful restoration of the “Absolute One” in RSS headquarter completed in 2008. Ar Abhishek was pleased to see the results of this restoration of “Absolute One” in RSS headquarter that was in the form of RSS Swayamsevak has reaching the highest position in Indian Administration as per Indian constitution.

The sole objective of the Ar Abhishek is to restore an “Absolute One” as an ultimate divine authority in Indian spirituality and to reinstate divine identity along with purity and prosperity in India. Also India should emerge as “Absolute One” in the world like previously happened during Mughal Empire, which at its peak reached 25% GDP of world market. Ar Abhishek Deshpande is presenting an equation of “Absolute One” along with Subsidiary Council to fetch purity and prosperity in India gain, which was previously successfully implemented by Emperor Akbar .

The word “Engineering’ is directly associated with development and progress. But engineering is based on the logics of different sciences mainly physics, chemistry and now biology means biotechnology. Scientist invents the theory of science by doing regular research on different levels and parameters. But those theories never directly applicable for human being. When a person applies those scientific theories for human development, the person is known as engineer.

The application of scientific principles for an actual human development is known as engineering. Now a days every scientific theory, is directly associated with human development such as electrical engineering, chemical engineering and most advanced field i.e Biomedical Engineering.

Same as the above Ar Abhishek Deshpande is going to develop new theory i.e. the  application  of  spirituality for an actual human  development  which is known as  SPIRITUAL  ENGINEERING. The term of spiritual  engineering can relate with another popular terminology which is TANTRA. Tantra is directly associated with the Positive  and Negative effects of human life. But the spiritual engineering only represents human development and prosperity.



Poverty is the biggest threat in the world and curse for humanity. Indian sub continent has been facing that threat on a large scale since many decades. And problem is going to become more worsen than previous.

Today more than half population in India is under the poverty line. Majority of states are facing the problem of farmer suicide due to extreme poverty. Specially Andhra Pradesh, Orissa,  Chattisgarh,  Vidharbha and northern Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bundelkhand, Jharkhand and Bihar have been  collapsed due to high percentage of farmer suicide. This shows the severity of poverty and lack of food. Then question arises that what is this? Every human in India, has to spend 5 Rs to 10 Rs per day for low cost food. If the person is unable to get that much amount, he has no option other than suicide. Being a High Tech nation on the other side the percentage of poverty has been increasing very rapidly.

And suicide of farmer, is the extreme condition of poverty which never happened in India but always happened in African countries like Somalia, Sudan, Nairobi, Congo etc. Then, the question arises that India had been at the pinnacle of golden age but now why is it facing the problem same as the African countries? Why is this happening now? Why are we not able to generate two time meal for more than half of the population? If we are unable to control that need of Indian people then how can we think about progress and undisputed power like USA and other Eastern countries. If we think in practical aspect, then we can understand that we are so miles away from our dream concept i.e. The Golden Age !


A common human being in India thinks that we are facing poverty since many centuries. He also thinks that it  is the resultant of continuous aggression by Islamic invaders. Historical references said that India has  been  plundered  by  these  people  for  thousands of years. That’s why we are facing this threat i.e. poverty. Indian civilian thinks that India had reached on the pinnacle of richness at the time of Maurya period, after that India lost its glorious status of prosperity and super high financial affluence.

But it’s a misconception. The roots of Indian poverty, does not belong to Islamic invaders. We cant deny the fact that they had plundered but there was one Islamic community which came to India and provided highest glory of richness and prosperity for 350 years continuously , and that Islamic community is Mughal. They came  to India as regular invader. Babur, The pioneer of Mughal establishment plundered Northern India at early 16th century. He did all inhuman activities like destruction of temples and massacre of local people. Humayun, the elder son of Babur continued same linage for the years. Local people had thought them as general invader, but one successor of that monarchy had changed the perceptions of people and successfully tried to bring the lost glory of Indian richness for next several centuries. The person is famous as Jallaluddin Mohammed  Akbar.

In the early age of 16th century, Akbar had established undisputed monarchy in India. During his early period, he had continued lineage of Babur i.e. Hindu Massacre and plundering of temples. But after wedding alliance with Rajput family (Amer) he had changed his perception and mindset towards Hindu people. And that was the beginning point of coming golden age of India.

Akbar had tried to re-establish the ancient glory of richness in India. India has emerged as one of the biggest super power in terms of power and prosperity throughout the world. Indian economy has been considered as super economy throughout the world. Sources stated that Indian annual revenue of emperor Akbar’s treasury in 1600AD was 17.5 Million UK pound, in contrast to the entire treasury of Great Britain in 19th century which totaled 16 Million UK Pound ( Reference – The world Economy , A Millennial Perspective written by Angus Madison)  Then the question arises that, how is it possible? How did it emerged as a biggest financial power.


An undisputed rule depend upon two powers- 1) Military power 2) Economic power. But economic power has dominated military power. In today’s world, entire weaponry system is based on huge source of economy. That shows the importance of financial power in the modern world. That’s why Lord Krishna has stated that finance is the biggest power and he had developed his financial supremacy over his capital state , Dwarka ( Dwarka was known as richest city in ancient period.)

Jewish people are maintaining their supremacy on entire world over the centuries with the high financial affluence. Jewish business world has always been supportive to USA to save their existence from Islamic world. So USA has no substitute to maintain their military supremacy over the world other than Jews. That’s why, Islamic nations are facing tremendous trouble from USA military power.

India has been facing cross border trouble after since so many decades. But due to lack of financial stability we could not find an ultimate solution such as USA over Taliban. That proves that the financial system is the backbone of the human as well entire nation.

Then the question arises that, How is India facing the problem of financial crisis while Akbar had regained biggest financial glory in the 16th century and maintained for next three centuries? Where is that Glory now which was regained by Akbar during 16th to 19th century?


As per Ar Abhishek opinion, any kind of power is directly associated with spiritual system. Then the financial power must relate with spirituality. Hindu people worship Goddess Mahalaxmi to raise the finance on individual level. Balaji temple in Tirupati is one of the biggest finance gaining pilgrimage place in India. That shows the concrete relationship between finance and spiritual power. According to the above references, how can we co relate finance and worship? And does they really relate to each other?