Published On : Sat, Mar 21st, 2015

Sonia pitches for compensation to ravaged farmers in Rajasthan, Haryana

Sonia Gandhi

Making good on her promise made some days ago, Sonia Gandhi, Congress President, visited farmers in Rajasthan yesterday and Haryana today.

Sonia Gandhi was accompanied in Haryana by former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda and MP Kumari Selja. She commiserated with farmers on their heavy losses due to unseasonal rains and hail storms and promised that though her government was not in power in the state or the Centre, she would throw her entire weight behind getting them adequate compensation.

Farmers were seen turning out in large numbers to meet her and bring with them samples of their affected crops – whether it was mustard, or paddy or wheat.

Dressed in a traditional white saree, a red bindi on her forehead and pallau covering her head like a ‘good bahu’ Sonia seemed like her combative old self ready to take the battle to the BJP turf.

This rejuvenated Sonia is bringing cheer to the hearts of Congressmen and Congress constituents in the states too. There is growing unrest among farmers of North India specially about provisions in the New Land Acquisition bill whereby their fertile lands can be taken over without their permission.

Speaking for all senior Congress leaders, Jairam Ramesh expressed full loyalty with Sonia as party President.

“Soniaji is our President and she will speak up about issues like Farmers’ problems, communal disharmony etc. that agitate her, animate her and make her articulate. As long as she is at the helm we are not looking for any ‘new leadership’ for our party” said ex Minister Jairam Ramesh speaking to a section of the media and scotching rumours that Congressmen are looking to install Rahul as new President of the old party.