Published On : Sun, Mar 27th, 2016

Song “Khush Hai Jamana Aaj Pahali Tarikh Hai” forgotten by Govt employees as…..

Nagpur: The employees of different departments of State Government seem to have forgotten, or say, hesitate to croon the famous song “Khush Hai Jamana Aaj Pahali Tarikh Hai” for they are being deprived of their salaries on the first day of the month as is the age-old practice. A scan of a number of departments has revealed a bitter reality that now-a-days the salaries are not being disbursed on the first day of the month for one reason or the other. However, at the same time, employees of some departments are lucky ones as they are receiving the monthly dole on the very first day of the month. These fortunate souls can merrily sing the song “Khush Hai Jamana Aaj Pahali Tarikh Hai” in their own tones and tenors.

The rule says that the employees must get their salaries on the first day of the month. But rules are meant to be broken is what the present picture is depicting. For the salaried class the monthly money is the only capital. A day here and there, the heart misses the beats or race in dreaded proportion. The job in Government department is regular and so is the salary. It should be paid on the first. This is ground reality. However, the picture is changing fast. The employees too have to wait for 10-15 days for the salary at most of the Government departments.

Whimsical condition for salaries in NMC:

An interaction with the employees of NMC has revealed a weird fact. The Municipal Commissioner has tossed a condition or a fatwa for receiving the monthly salaries. “Present the receipt s of Property Tax paid then only will the employees receive their salaries.” The fatwa is to fill the coffers of the NMC by way of increased recovery of Property Tax dues. But the move has left the employees furious. Nowe, the NMC employees are being paid salaries between 20th and 25th of every month. The tradition of disbursing the salaries has become history following scrapping of LBT. Even though the State Government is compensating the LBT with special assistance of Rs 50 crore every month the practice has not on the right track.

Zilla Parishad:

The teachers and non-teaching staff of Zilla Parishad till to date have not received their salaries on the first day of the month. Same is the scenario in private aided schools. It takes 10-15 days to reach the salaries to their respective bank accounts. On the other hand, the salaries in the higher education i.e. in universities and private aided colleges are paid on time, most of the times. The salary bills in these departments are submitted at an appropriate time so the salaries are paid on first. However, in the private unaided schools, colleges, forget the first day of the month the salaries are not paid for months together.

‘Dates after dates’ for advocates too:

The Government lawyers, who strive to provide justice to an array of people, are themselves victims of ‘delayed justice’ in the sense of salaries. Forget the first day, the sight salaries is not visible for even six months. “Tarikh pe Tarikh” (dates after dates) are the words being repeated by the advocates as far as their monthly stuff is concerned.

‘Treatment’ in GMCH, Mayo is no different:

The employees working in GMCH, Mayo, Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Daga Hospital too fall in the category of employees waiting for the salaries on the first day of the month. But here too the ‘treatment’ is no different. Like the tradition of ‘delayed treatment’ to patients, the tradition of delayed salaries is maintained, conspicuously. In Mayo, Medical the nurses and other supporting staff resort to agitations often and press for payment of the first.

Cultural Department ‘up to date’:

The State Cultural Affairs Department is ‘up to date’ and the first of every month is rarely missed. The exception is March-ending. The department is flooded with bills during this period and the delayed salaries is the outcome.

Forest Deptt too is first:

The salaries in Forest and Social Forestry Department see no other day but the first. The Department strictly follows the Government directives of payment on the first.

The bottom line is: The hilarious song “Khush Hai Jamana Aaj Pahali Tarikh Hai” is becoming a history for major chunk of Government employees.