Published On : Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

Social stigma : Gays get suicidal in Nagpur!


Nagpur:The gay and lesbian community’s fight for the right appears to be yielding little! During the past one year, as many as 8 members of the community in Nagpur have ended their lives in despair, informs Anand Chandrani, Chairman of Sarathi Trust an organization that works for the Lesbians Gays Bisexuals and Transgender. Talking exclusively to Nagpur Today, Chandrani raises concern over the alarming situation that is forcing community members towards depression and distress.

He said that Sarathi Trust had recently started a 24 hour toll-free call number which any member of the community can call and get counseling. This facility is specifically meant for anyone to call before taking the drastic step.
He said that their Psychiatrist Dr Sudhir Bhave told them that there could be one or many factors working in the minds which provoke them to commit suicide. They are often afflicted by fear psychosis of approaching any organization for fear of getting exposed.
He said that some of the causes include

Lack of Family Support System: The members of Gay Community lack the Family Support System which other youth have. They have some or the other members of their families whom they can approach and get their grievances redressed. However, since the Gay youth are not acceptable by their own families, they do not get the kind of emotional support which youth need in distress. Often these youth hide the fact that they are gay from their family members.

Peer group pressure: The members of the Gay community often from immense peer group pressure. The success, failure and prosperity of some gay members’ causes pressure on other members of gay community. One common feature observed among gay community is jealousy.

Victims of teasing and mockery: The members of gay community continuously face teasing and mockery from friends, neighbours, at schools, college and work places. Often they can’t take the immense pressure of mockery and cow down under pressure.

Lack of self-confidence: The members of Gay community often lack self confidence. Due to lack of self confidence they end up getting into wrong relationships or end up doing something wrong.

The other side!
Besides societal pressure, the gays and lesbians too have their own share of obsession in their relationship. This is also a prime factor behind their extreme moves!

While speaking to Nagpur Today, some of the gays on condition of anonymity said that the causes can be as follows:
Why did my boyfriend not picking my phone call?
My boyfriend is spending enough time with me.
My boyfriend is speaking to other boys/men
My boyfriend is chatting with others while on-line but does not have time for me.
He always compares me with others.

He does not appreciate my real love.

They said that members of the Gay community are very sensitive and with the immense pressures and frayed nerves that they live in, they often end up committing suicide for the smallest reasons.

Should the society wake up to these members who too are part of the society and have a right to live? Can we not provide a safe and secure environment where they can live happily and freely without being judged and named “Queer”? Some members of the Gay society said that even the cops harass them and blackmail them saying that they will inform their family and friends. Many cops are reported to have fleeced as much as Rs 5000 every 10 days.

– By Samuel Gunasekharan