Published On : Sun, Mar 29th, 2015

Social activist alleges scams worth crores; rips apart Metro Draft Development Plan

Nagpur: The Draft Development Plan of Metro Region ceases to be in focus and in headlines, of course, for dubious reasons. Allegations of agriculture lands owned by leaders, builders, developers being converted into commercial and residential zone are being openly levelled by RTI and social activists.

Another serious allegation that is making rounds is that the illegal constructions of bigwig developers are being shown in genuine residential areas. In sum, scams to the tune of crores of rupees have been alleged in the Draft Development Plan of Metro Region.

Sanjay Agrawal, General Secretary of Krushi Utpadak Sangh has alleged that the scam worth crores were perpetrated while planning the Draft Development Plan stage itself. “Hundreds of acres of agriculture lands purchased by leaders, builders and developers are being put/shown into commercial and residential zones so that they can pocket crores easily.

Moreover, several top developers allegedly have slyly done illegal constructions on farm lands in large proportions by violating rules flagrantly. Many commercial schemes are being run on farm lands that is illegal. However, the concerned Metro authorities through the Draft Development Plan cleared the way for showing the illegal constructions as utilities in genuine residential areas with no respect to law of the land. By deliberately reserving their lands, the farmers have been forced to run from one office to another,” alleged Agrwal.

Citing an example, Agrawal alleged the lands worth crores of rupees exist in Mauza Durgdhamna, Davlameti, Suraburdi, Waddhamna on Amravati Road. Residentai and commercial areas could be developed in the areas. However, for obvious reasons, the Metro authorities deliberately put the area in agriculture sector. It seem the planning of Metro Region was made on the whim and fancy of a few select officials, alleged Agrawal.

Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )