Published On : Fri, May 22nd, 2015

SNDL sends a bill for 80 units when there is no connection

Negligence and lackadaisical approach of MSEDCL comes to fore

Nagpur: Yet another example of the negligence and lackadaisical approach of SNDL officials comes to fore. Sources claimed that the SNDL officials sent a bill to a Professor for consumption of 80 units. The professor is a resident of Bajeria. One look at the bill and Professor Anil Ramcharan Shahu was shocked that his connection has not even started and he has been billed an amount of Rs 400/- for 80 units. The professor has sent a complaint via on-line to the officials of Spanco Nagpur Discom limited (SNDL).

In-spite of lapse of two-weeks, the officials of SNDL has not made any move to correct their lapse.

According to sources, Professor Anil Ramcharan Shahu a resident of Bajeria had applied for a new meter only a few days ago. The SNDL officials installed the new meter in his house and went away. However, the officials of SNDL did not connect the meter to the wire from the electric pole. Professor Anil Ramcharan Shahu got the shock of his life when he received a bill of Rs 400/- from SNDL for consumption of 80 units of electricity. Professor Shahu reported that he does not have electric connection in his house, yet they sent the bill to him for power consumption which he never consumed. This is not the first time that SNDL has been negligent. Many other cases too have come to fore.

Even after 2 years no one come to take cognizance

According to reliable sources, Kiran, a resident of Plot No 60 Manishnagar Jai Durga Society had applied for a three phase electric meter for her house. The officials of SNDL had installed a single phase electric meter on May 14, 2013 in the Kiran’s house, Plot No 60 Manishnagar Jai Durga Society instead of the three phase meter, she had applied for. Kiran had complained to the SNDL officials in SNDL office on July 22, 2013.

Nearly two years have lapsed since she complained to the SNDL officials. The SNDL officials have not bothered to rectify their lapse and start her three phase meter. In-spite of repeated complaints too, the SNDL have turned a blind eye to her problems. Now when the issue has come to fore, each official is shifting the blame onto the other.