Published On : Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

SNDL denies culpability in the case of electrocution in Narendra Nagar

: Recently a man was electrocuted in Joginagar, Dhadiwal Layout, Gali No 2 Narendra Nagar when he was trying to tie a cord of the shamiyana to a bolt in the house. He received a severe jolt of electricity and died.

While clarifying their stand on the issue, Spanco Nagpur Discon Limited (SNDL) issued a statement which said that they would like to share the following observations on the aforesaid matter:

  1. Initially, it was reported by the complainants that current was running in the electric pole (Pole no S/825/G at Joginagar, Dhadiwal Layout, Gali No 2 Narendra Nagar) which was supplying power to the premises. The SNDL team immediately rushed to the spot and confirmed that there was no leakage of current in the pole.
  2. The consumer experienced shock while tying the tent to an iron-stud which was a part of the house. The incoming service wire was also tied to the same part. Besides, it was observed that a support wire meant for providing ‘earthing’ was also passing from same spot.
  3. The electrical inspector visited the premises later and made certain observations which would be provided later from the EI office.

SNDL would like to assure all concerned that it would await the EI report and abide by its rulings and suggestions. Meanwhile, Spanco Nagpur Discon Limited
(SNDL) team expressed deep condolences to the bereaved family and extended instant monetary support to the family simply as a humanitarian gesture. SNDL has again requested all citizens to maintain safe distance from electrical network (as per Indian Electricity Rules 1956) and utilize the services of a trained professional whenever required.