Published On : Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

SNDL and MSEDCL differ in opinions on Lab testing under RTI

SNDL nagpur
Nagpur: It is really shocking that there are two different versions coming from the SNDL and MSEDCL, franchises of Power Distribution Company under the RTI. Each has different thing to tell about the Lab testing of meters.

A power consumer one Prabhakar Navkhare, resident of Abhijeet Nagar on Manewada –Besa Road has asked under theb RTI about the ways lab testing of single face electric meters. As a consumer he wanted to know that as per the Electricity Act how many types of tests are carried in lab and how much time it takes.

It was shocking to know from the SNDL that under the Electricity Act there was no such instructions to carry out tests. According to MSEDCL under the electricity Act two types of tests like the Accuracy and Dial tests are carried out and these takes two hours and time is decided according to the meter rating.

Earlier, there used to be 230 volt meters and now there 440 volt meters because of which the electric appliances get damaged. Due to the 440 volt meter the consumers are getting very high bills, Navkhare said. Deepanshu Khiwatkar, PRO of SNDL informed that in Tulsibag the SNDL has Testing Lab where the meters of consumers are matched with standard meter.