Published On : Thu, Jul 31st, 2014

Slipshod affairs come to fore: RTO in Nagpur totally in dark over e-rickshaws plying in city


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The slipshod working of Regional Transport Office (RTO), Nagpur has come to the fore. In fact, the RTO is completely in dark as far as plying of e-rickshaws in Nagpur is concerned. Subsequent to Delhi High Court order banning plying of e-rickshaws in national capital, Nagpur Today tried to ascertain the status of e-rickshaws in the city. The replies the RTO provided left Nagpur Today shocked.

Nagpur Today talked to ARTO Vijay Chavan regarding status of e-rickshaws in Nagpur. To a question, Chavan carelessly replied that no e-rickshaws are running on city streets. The reply left us astonished as even a child knows that dozens of e-rickshaws are plying in city. The Purti Group supplies its goods to customers in e-rickshaws. Apart from Purti Group, many other e-rickshaws are being witnessed running in city. When told about this fact, Chavan came to his own terms and stated that these vehicles have no permission from RTO to ply in city. Moreover, these e-rickshaws are illegal and hence question of registration does not arise, the ARTO Chavan said. “In short, the e-rickshaws are banned in Nagpur and therefore not plying in Nagpur,” asserted Chavan unmindful of dozens of e-rickshaws running on city roads.

The replies given by the official has adequately proved that the RTO in Nagpur is totally in dark and running its affairs in shoddy manners.

When Nagpur Today contacted DCP (Traffic) Tagde for further information on status of e-rickshaws in Nagpur, he bluntly told that it is not their business. The matter comes under the authority of RTO and you better contact the RTO.


e-rickshaws are said to be becoming more and more popular in many Indian cities since its launch in 2008. This is a very feasible alternative to the traditional cycle-rickshaws where one human has to pull the load of another human being. The auto rickshaws, though are excellent means of transport, help one to reach from one point to another in a short duration, they have created a lot of mess on the Indian roads. However, these traditional autos exhaust our natural resources like petrol and diesel.

Alter source of transportation which included Solar-powered autos, e-autos etc were suggested. E-autos finally were launched in 2008. These e-autos,  3-wheelers, are pulled by a small electric motor ranging from 650-1400 KW Watts. These battery-run rickshaws are low-emitter, low polluting transport vehicles for the low-income people. The Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari was also very excited to launch it in Nagpur.

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