Published On : Fri, Aug 31st, 2012

Skin Care – Basics for Men



The days when a quick shower and shave were all that was required from men are long gone! Research predicts the worldwide market for Male Grooming Products will rise to $50bn by 2015. To stay ahead in today’s world you need to look good and know how to impress. From shaving tips, advice on problem skin to hair styling its all the essentials a man wants to stay ahead and also to present a personality worth looking at.



Here are some areas that men need attention.

Mens Skin Care – Basics


Face Wash – Essential part of an everyday male grooming routine. You should cleanse with a face wash twice a day, in the morning and evening before you go to bed.

Cleansing Wipes – Ideal as a quick fix if you’re skin gets oily in the afternoon then give it a quick cleanse with a wipe.

Face Scrub – Face scrubs deep cleanse and help to remove dead skin cells. Most scrubs should be used once or twice a

week, although some are now designed for everyday use.



Moisturiser is an important part of everyday grooming and should not be overlooked. If you have very dry skin you are better to spend a bit more on a top quality moisturiser designed specifically for dry skin and only use a small amount each day, rather than by a cheap one and use a lot. For very dry skin try Biotherm Homme High Recharge Non Stop Moisturiser. This is one of the best mens grooming products available.

For oily skin you should be using a light oil-free mosturiser such as Men-U Matt Finish, oil and fragrance free it contains sebum absorbers to combat grease. The matt finish also helps to avoid your skin from looking oily.


Mens Skin Care – Problem Skin

Spot Prone Skin

If you are prone to breakouts it’s importnant that you do everything possible to aid the situation. First off ensure that you are using appropriate products, Dermalogica has a great range for spot prone skin.

A consistent daily routine is even more important with problem skin – Find the products that work for you and stick with them, constantly changing from one brand to the next will only make the situation worse.


Oily Skin

If you suffer from oily skin it can be very tempting to wash more frequently, as your skin will appear oil free for a while after washing. However if you dry out your skin too much the oil producing glands will try to overcompensate and make your skin even worse. Try to use specific products to control oily skin like Oil Control Face Wash.
You should also avoid and oil based moisturizers as these will increase your chance of blackheads and spots and make your skin look shinier. Men-U Matt Finish moisturiser mentioned previously is a great option for oily skin.

Oil-Free Facial Lotion are also an excellent product for oily skin, it leaves a matt finish while helping to rebalance oily complexions.


Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin you may notice your skin feels very tight with some flaking and dry patches. You should try to use mild, fragrance free products designed specifically for dry skin and use plenty of moisturiser. For a face wash try Facial Cleanser designed specifically for dry skin.

Dry Skin Moisturiser For Men is ideal for dry or tight skin, it’s a rich moisturiser which will really comfort your skin without leaving it looking shiny.


Skin care is a vital part of Men’s personality so take time to care and look good in the process.

By Marcelo Azavedo