Published On : Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

Siri’s reply knocks out beat boxer; Indian version masters all

iOS, Apple Inc.’s operating system is better known for its Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface), a personal assistant program that has become more of a friend to iPhone users.

Siri has been in news last year when someone found out what she answers when asked “what is zero divided by zero?”.

Well, this is what happens. Siri gives a rude reply!
Watch here how it reacted,

Now, Siri is back in news for beatboxing abilities. Siri sets a perfect beat for rapping.
On January 17, Vine star and beatboxer Marcus Perez collaborated with Siri and the result has gone viral since. The video of Perez beatboxing with one of Siri’s answers has got a whopping 21 million views, 7,03,474 likes and over 3,50,314 shares and it totally deserves it.

When you collab with Siri

Posted by Marcus Perez on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Once something like this happens, Indians can’t hold back, can we? We have to have our own version of it. These three youngsters, Malayalis, judging from the last word he says, have an awesome collaboration with Siri. They let Siri set the background score and sings Endaro Mahanubhavulu, a popular kriti in Carnatic music.