Singare highlights development works during his tenure as Standing Committee chief

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Nagpur: Ramesh Singare on Wednesday highlighted various development projects initiated during his tenure as Chairman of Standing Committee. Singare held a press conference today, the last one of his tenure. He said that till 28.2.2016, the revenue of Nagpur Municipal Corporation stood at Rs 704.37 crore that includes LBT Rs 200.37 crore, pending Octroi Duty dues Rs 4.87 crore, Property Tax Rs 133.53 crore, Water Tax Rs 100.36 crore, Market Tax Rs 5.09 crore, Town Planning Tax Rs 71.86 crore, other revenue Rs 52.50 crore and grants Rs 135.79 crore.

The NMC received Rs 100 special grant from State Government for construction of cement concrete roads in city. Similarly, the Government provided Rs 254.31 crore as assistance in lieu of scrapped LBT.

For the year 2016-17, the revenue of Rs 1534.45 crore has been proposed in the Proposed Budget. The total proposed revenue stands at Rs 1540.27 crore including closing balance of Rs 5.82 crore. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation is expected to mop up the proposed revenue of Rs 1540.27 crore. The proposals include revenue of Local Tax Body (LBT) Rs 75 crore, Property Tax revenue at Rs 250 crore, Water Tax Rs 125 crore, market recovery Rs 7.55 crore, revenue from Town Planning Department Rs 62.10 crore, Grants in lieu of LBT Rs 550 crore and other miscellaneous income (including grants, loans, investments, advances etc) Rs 464.80 crore. The total revenue proposals for the year 2016-17 Proposed Budget minus Rs 100 crore have been pegged at Rs 1434.45 crore.

Details of various development works undertaken and proposed during the year:
Singare highlights development work sheet (1)
Singare highlights development work sheet