Published On : Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

Sindhutai urges Fadnavis, Gadkari to save lives of poor people by repairing roads

Sindhutai Sapkal (File Pic)

Nagpur: Renowned social activist and “Mother” to over 1000 girls, Sindhutai Sapkal on Thursday earnestly urged Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to repair roads in State and save the lives of poor people.

“When I was passing through a Highway near Pune, I witnessed a horrible mishap got averted luckily. The bad roads could have turned the accident fatal but it got averted miraculously. I reached immediately to a nearby Toll Post and castigated the authorities for the poor roads. My concern is that the condition of Mumbai-Pune Highway is so bad that it is virtually riddled with potholes. Dozens and dozens of people get killed in accidents on this road. The victims generally belong to poor sections of society because nobody cares for their lives. She poor victims are not taken to hospitals in time. The hospitals also don’t take care of the patients,” Sindhutai Sapkal lamented.

According to the renowned social activist, several families becoming orphans due to the road accidents. The tragedies are also making hundreds of women widows untimely. Hence she has emotionally appealed the Chief Minister and the Union Minister to maintain the roads in immaculate condition.

Sindhutai said that she belongs to Vidarbha and the Chief Minister and Union Minister too hail from Vidarbha. Vidarbhaite is always a savior. “Therefore, both the ministers should repay their debt to the soil of Vidarbha by ensuring no family is ruined by road accident,” she said.