Published On : Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

Silent protest staged at Medical College Square



protest Four organizations which included Swatantra Sangram Sainik Samiti, Mahatma Gandhi Vichar Manch, Jagrat Nagrik Vichar Manch and Jyeshta Nagrik Samiti staged a silent protest at Medical College Square on March 7, 2016 against the dictatorship of present government.

All the protestors had a black ribbon tied over their mouths and were seated quietly for a long time, while busy traffic moved along as the spot. Most of the senior Congress Party leaders were present as they sat protesting against the dictatorship of the present government.


Some of the prominent senior Congress Party leaders included Former MLA Satish Chaturvedi, Former State Minister Dr. Nitin Raut, Former State Minister Bhau Mulak, Corporator Pafulla Gudadhe Patil, Former MLA Ashok Dhawad, Sheikh Hussein, Former MP Vilas Muttemwar, Abhijeet Wanjari and Vishal Muttemwar. Former AAP leader and Trade Union Leader Jammu Anand too was prominently present on the occasion.

The other Congress Party activisits included Kailash Samarth, Vijay Saradkar, Rohit Khairwad, Nilesh Deshbratar, Bunty Shelke, Kunal Puri, Ram Govind Khobragade etc.

A very senior 94 years old Freedom Fighter Dattatrey Badge and very senior Congress activist Narayan Chandurkar were present among the freedom fighters and senior citizens of the city on the occasion.

Trade Union Leader Jammu Anand while speaking to Nagpur Today said that this nation is not run on Gandhian thoughts in a democratic manner. The way the present Modi Government is behaving as if there is a dictatorship in the country where the constitution has been put on hold. To stage a protest on the way the present government is being run Gandhians, Freedom fighters and elderly citizens have decided to sit on Silent Dharna by wearing black ribbon on the mouth.