Published On : Wed, Jul 3rd, 2013

Shocking revelation in Dharmendra Jain Blue film Case

Dharmendra Jain was key accused in engineer’s mysterious death,15-year-old case brought to fore 

Nagpur News: Shocking revelations are coming to fore in the investigation into sensational blue film case that shook the city two days back but the case remains shrouded in mystery as several key questions are still to be answered.

The accused in the case and alleged mastermind behind the scandal Dharmendra Jain’s name had come up in the case of mysterious death of an engineer of the irrigation department. The engineer’s wife, after the blue film case was exposed, has now demanded a CID probe into the case. On the other hand, Jain continues to be sick and is still admitted in the hospital. Doctors claim he is suffering from high blood pressure.

According to media reports published today, Jain was acquainted to the deceased engineer but the engineer had a dispute with him about a year before he died. Jain reached the engineer’s house unannounced on January 7, 1998. He took the engineer with him claiming to have some work. The engineer was reported dead on the same night. Jain did not inform any one about the incident. The engineer’s wife in the mean time received information about her husband being rushed to the hospital. She later came to know of his death.

The police detained Jain for questioning. Jain informed the police that he had taken the engineer for a booze party along with two girls. Jain said, his wife was not at home that day and they took the girls to his house at Ambazari where they made consentual intercourse with the girls.

Jain further informed the police, that engineer and he stopped to attend nature’s call near Dharmpeth College, where the engineer tripped and hit his head on a rock. He brought the engineer to his house in an injured state. The engineer hit his head on the bed at Jain’s house once again, Jain informed. According to Jain, he took the engineer to a hospital where he was declared dead. The engineer’s wife registered a complaint of murder against Jain. She told the police that her husband had a dispute with Jain and latter had killed her husband.

The engineer’s wife met senior police officials and demanded a high level CID probe into the case. However, the MIDC charged Jain for culpable homicide not amounting to murder under Section 304 of the IPC and not under section 302.

Sources informed that the police had left several loopholes in the investigations as a result of which Jain was acquitted of all charges.

On the other hand Jain’s wife has now alleged that the then police officials had suppressed the case under Jain’s influence. She claims that Jain had made up an elaborate story to hide his crime in the case. She has demanded action against the police officials as well.

The Nandanvan police station had booked Jain for eveteasing on the complaint of young girl, in the year 2008. Even this case had been suppressed and no action was taken.

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