Published On : Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

‘Shocking’: More than 50% buildings in Nagpur stand under danger of HT lines

Nagpur: In a recent survey by Nagpur Municipal Corporation, it has been discovered that security in more than 50 percent of the buildings in Nagpur is under threat due to overhead high tension wires. Stride into any market or street in city and the spectacle of clumsily set mesh of electricity cables near houses and roads is a familiar sight. The city is full of houses built dangerously close to power lines, with every citizen witness to the unpleasant sight in their neighbourhoods and dangling wires across the roads. The present situation can, any day, turn into a fatal accident and there would be no one to take responsibility of the same.

It is to be mentioned here that a few months back, two children were electrocuted form the wires while playing on the terrace. The tragic incident had claimed the lives of twin brothers: Priyansh and Piyush Dhar. Concerned by the same, court had directed the departments to resolve the issue.

The court has directed NSDL to conduct a survey and submit a report of dangers due to these aerial wires. After the directions, NMC’s ‘Nagar Rachna Department’ conducted a survey on 141 spots suggested by SNDL.

As per electricity act, a 35 meter (17.5 meter on each side of transmission line) ‘Right of Way’ is required for a 220 KV transmission line and while for a 400 KV line, 52 meter of space (26 meter on each side) is required to ensure proper maintenance of the transmission lines and safety of general public. Nevertheless, the same was overlooked until the court interfered in the matter. The report will be submitted to the court in next hearing on the case.