Published On : Mon, Jan 1st, 2018

Shiv Sena’s Karan Tuli ‘slaps shoe’ on Katol MLA Deshmukh’s hoarding demanding Vidarbha statehood

Karan Tuli, MLA Dr Ashish Deshmukh
Nagpur: The BJP MLA from Katol Ashish Deshmukh on Monday got taste of Shiv Sena’s ‘fiery’ protest for his vociferous demand of separate Vidarbha.

Ashish Deshmukh, a strong Vidarbha statehood supporter, had put up giant hoardings at prominent places around the city demanding carving out a separate Vidarbha state. But the hoarding, it seems, did not go down well with the diehard opponent of the demand. And the party protested it in its own way.

Shiv Sena District Vice President Karan Tuli, as a part of his opposition to the demand of Vidarbha statehood, wielded a slipper (shoe) in his hand and directed it to the large face of Ashish Deshmukh in the hoarding as if he is slapping the MLA with the stuff. In a press release to Nagpur Today, Karan Tuli says, “Shiv Sena condemns the ‘behaviour’ of Katol MLA Ashish Deshmukh on Vidarbha issue. As part of party’s opposition to separate Vidarbha, I have slapped Deshmukh a slipper on his face in the hoarding. Shiv Sena will never allow break-up of Maharashtra and whoever tries do it, will be ‘broken.’

While the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari hail from Vidarbha, the MLA and other people should demand development of Vidarbha and progress of farmers. Breaking-up Maharashtra is not the solution. If BJP cannot do development of the region, curb suicides of farmers and provide jobs to youths of Vidarbha, I dare Deshmukh to quit his party like Nana Patole and contest election on Vidarbha issue. I am sure he will bite the dust,” Tuli quipped.