Shiv Sena activists ransack NMC Zone Office of Satranjipura over no water supply

Nagpur News
: The boiling anger over no water supply for the past few days in the blistering heat triggered ransacking of NMC’s Satranjipura Zone Office by Shiv Sena activists on Monday.

According to police sources, former Corporator Ajay Anant Dalal of Shiv Sena and 15-20 male and female activists barged into the office demanding water supply to Satranjipura zone. When they found no officials, they got irked and resorted to ransacking the entire office. They broke the furniture, tore and scattered files, papers and documents, upturned all tables and damaged everything that they could lay hands upon.

On learning about this ransack in process, the Lakadganj Police arrived at the scene and dispersed the crowd. They have registered a case under section 135 of IPC against former Corporator Ajay Anant Dalal and all those who accompanied him.

Former Corporator and Deputy City Chief of Shiv Sena Ajay Anant Dalal, his wife who is the present Corporator of their ward Alka Ajay Dalal in an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today said they come under Prabhag No 17 called Bastarwari. He said that areas like Telipura, Pewta, Baripura, Lalganj, Gujri, Mirchiwale Mandir, Telipura Zade Square etc areas have been facing acute water shortage for the last 3-4 months.

Ajay Dalal said that water problems had existed earlier also. However the supply was restored to a level that was bearable. So much so that last summer was bearable for the residents of these areas. But this year, after Holi the situation worsened. Residents of some areas did not get water at all. He said that they get water from two sides.  One supply is from Kanhan pipe-line from Automotive square and the other through the pipe-line from Boribor. If both these pipe-lines supply with sufficient pressure, the end point get water supply.

This year, due to some reason, the OCW decided to supply 24 hours water supply to Mominpura, Timki and Golibar Square areas. They leave the Bye-pass valves open, which makes the entire water pressure to get lowered when it reaches Prabhag No. 17. He alleged that whenever they call any OCW official, they improve the water supply or the pressure. However, today i.e. May 5, 2014, when the residents could not bear anymore, they had approached their corporator i.e. Alka Dalal to intervene in this matter. When they reached the office, no official was present. This had irked the residents and they ransacked the office. Ajay Dalal claimed to have asked OCW to ensure water supply in the next 48 hours or he will intensify the agitation.

Nagpur Today spoke to the official spokesperson and PRO of OCW Sachin Dravekar about the water supply. Sachin Dravekar replied that OCW is putting all efforts to improve the low pressure water supply problem that exists in Telipura Pewta and other areas. He said that since this comes under the command of Alka Dalal, she had come to the zonal office and had raised slogans and broke a few furniture.

According to the official spokesperson of OCW Sachin Dravekar the Pench Water Treatment Plants at Gorewada had 4 times power tripping from SNDL. This in-turn caused the pumps not to work properly. He added that the area from where these protestors had come is the end point of the pipe-line and since the pressure is already less, the water did not reach their area. However, OCW is doing everything in its power to improve the water pressure in those areas.