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    Published On : Fri, Dec 4th, 2015

    Shashank Manohar’s quick exit from Gymkhana in Nagpur raises many questions


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    Nagpur: BCCI President Shashank Manohar has quitted 25 years of membership of Indian Gymkhana. Sources said he was miffed over few of the club members’ alleged links with cricket bookies. Insiders say though Manohar’s resignation letter did not divulge much, those close to Gymkhana’s affairs informed that he was wary of the presence of few members having their vested interest in cricket betting.

    The sudden decision has raised many eyebrows and left the tongue wagging even as Manohar’s quick exit has opened up a can of worms. A source close to the committee informed that Shashank Manohar has been associated with Indian Gymkhana for the last 25 years and the alleged links with bookies, if any, would not have been developed in a day. It is quite evident that Manohar would have been aware of the scheme of the things all through his stint in Gymkhana, but resigning at this stage of his membership comes as a big surprise, adds a source.

    Sources questioned that if Shashank Manohar was fully aware of the committee activities, why did not he put in his papers earlier.

    Manohar was the member of the club for over two decades. He also played for the Indian Gymkhana’s cricket team in Guzder League and other local tournaments for almost 25 years.

    Is there ‘lobbying’ behind Manohar’s act?

    Sources indicate that Manohar has been feeling unease over one sided victory of Nilesh Gadhia panel in the Indian Gymkhana election held on November 22. The panel of Nilesh Gadhia had made its rival panel of Gymkhana Mitra Pariwar bite the dust.

    This did not go down well with Manohar as only the President Anirudh Choube in the new committee is close to him whereas the rest functions on Gadhia’s directives.

    Sources informed that when Gadhia was office-bearer,  the bookies use to have easy access to the Gymkhana  and operated  till late night, and with the latest development bookies have found again an easy access to Gymkhana owing to their proximity with Nilesh Gadhia, sources added. However no police action has been reported despite the alleged activities.

    Insiders claimed that till recent elections it was Manohar who used to have the final say in all the matters but with the sheen of effect post election, he was bound to tender resignation.

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