Published On : Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Sharma’s fatwa to foreigners: ‘No’ short skirts


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Union Minister for Culture and Tourism Mahesh Sharma’s advise to foreign tourists to wear ‘sanskari’ costumes while visiting India doesn’t really go down well with many of the countrymen. Desi Twitterattis are abuzz with the criticism of the Sharma’s comments in which he came out with the piece of advice that foreign tourists should not wear skirts and shorts while visiting small towns in India. Sharma came up with this rather sarcastic comment in view of security issues of the foreign tourists. However this annoyed a lot of people who took to twitter to vent their ire…

Here’s how Mahesh Sharma received on Twitter for his comments…

Rohini Singh@Rohinisgh_ET
Seeing Vijay Goel getting all the attention, Mahesh Sharma had to step in as well with his idiocy!
Prasant @PrashantKS1989
“Mahesh Sharma” Who are u to tell what to wear and what not to wear. dont be an embrassment to Modi Govt.
Mohandas Kudva @MohandasKudva
@narendramodi it is time culture Minister Mahesh Sharma brought to his senses while giving statements. If not he deserves to be thrown out.
Nitin Srivastava @TweetNitinS
Any step forward by @PMOIndia gets lost overwhelmingly by two backward steps by comrades e.g Mahesh Sharma , Vijay Goel ,Sangeet Som! #India
Dalit Ekta @invincisachin
Seems Vijay Goel left some margin in shaming the nation? so now Mahesh Sharma has come to complete his work.
Saira Anees @Saira27Anees
Mahesh Sharma ji there are many others issues to b addressed for India,change ur mentality,other than advising Foreigners what to wear.
Prakash Sharma @India_Policy
Every change that minister’s statement twisted, but my question is, why does he speaks only on such issues and not on hellhole ASI?
Manjunath @aryamanmanju
@India_Policy Modi wants tourism to be the biggest job creator, but he can’t do it with Mahesh Sharma around.
Nitin Srivastava @TweetNitinS
Tourists, dont wear skirts: advice by Minister Mahesh Sharma a Physician, Wife-Gynaecologist, Son-Daughter-Medical professionals!