Published On : Wed, Aug 6th, 2014

Sexual Harassment at Work Place-5 : Quit fear, fight for justice, say Aruna Sabane

Sexual-Harassment-of-Women-Nagpur News.

In Nagpur, sexual harassment at work place is only growing by the day. The so called employee friendly institutes and big business establishments including big retail plazas and malls remarkably lacks the compulsory sexual harassment redressal committee to attend to the work place gender problems faced by its women employees.

Coming up to our fifth part in the series, we got Aruna Sabane, an avid writer and Director of Akansha Publication, to air her views over the burning issue. Sabane is one of the active social workers of not only Nagpur but she has also acclaimed fame in entire Maharashtra. She has been working and fighting for women rights for the past many years and contributing to the cause of women.

Here’s what she has to say,

Teaching should begin from schools

Sabane believes that the roots are very important. She feels that woman’s rights, respect to women and other women issues should be taught in schools. Sabane added that not only girls should know their rights but the boys should also be taught to respect women. If these things will be told to students at early age they will grow up with the same attitude and will stop looking at girls like an object.

 Family should not discourage girls

Every family should teach her daughter to be strong enough to fight for herself, believes Sabane. Our daughters should be a person who can boldly handle such cases. There is a need to make them mentally strong. In most of the family, parents and relatives themselves stop the girl to be vocal about her problems and the problem starts here only. The girl should get an atmosphere in the family where she can share her problems and should talk on such issues, says Sabane.

Building mentality is must

It’s important to tell girls and women about their rights but at the same time the men should know the same and understand the issue. Things will not change until the male mentality towards women changes, believes Sanabe.

Women should take charge

When asked about the reasons behind the big establishments not having sexual harassment redressal committees despite the Supreme Court orders, Saban viewed that this proved that women’s dignity and respect is not at all important for such companies. For them, women too are just employees and they do not bother for their problem.  “It’s high time women should resolve such issues on their own,” quips Sabane.

Government needs to be more sensitive

The government needs to be more sensitive towards the issue, says Sabane. There are rules for women but they are often not followed and women actually do not get the benefits out of those rules so there is a need of system to become more active to provide justice to women. Timely survey for the committee is required, added Sabane.

Be fearless and fight for your dignity

Contact Aruna Sabane for such problems on her mobile number +91- 9970095562

By Puja Singh