Published On : Fri, Aug 7th, 2015

Sex-starved doctor caught in the act, arrested

Nagpur/Chandrapur: That doctors are gradually becoming money-minded, caring least for the patients’ well-being, is not a hidden fact now. But what is more appalling and baffling is the fact that they are now resorting to acts which have stamped a question mark over the authenticity of their profession? In a similar such act in Chandrapur, 125 kms off Nagpur, a child specialist was exposed and arrested after he made repeated sexual advances towards a young woman who had come go get his child treated at his clinic.

Dr Rafique Mawani, who runs his clinic in Jatpura Gate area of Chandrapur city, got her child admitted saying the baby was suffering from typhoid. The woman stayed up with the baby. But ever since the baby was admitted, the doctor started making advances towards the woman. He used to call her in the cabin without reason and molest her.

He did not stop at that but asked the woman not to pay the bill and instead get into bed with him. He shamelessly insisted that she must sleep with him. The woman was fed up with this kind of misbehavior and resisted him.

With the repeated molestation by Dr Mawani, the woman got so fed up with his undue sexual demands that she approached the Superintendent of Police Sandip Diwan who entrusted the case to SI Varsha Kharsan. The sub-inspector planned a sting with the help of the woman.

Dr Mawani called the woman to his clinic. As per plan, she reached Dr Mawani’s clinic at night and she carried a hidden camera with her. As soon as she reached the cabin of the doctor, Dr Mawani again started misbehaving with her and the entire episode was being captured on the camera without him knowing it. She rescued herself and ran to the police station with video footage and lodged a complaint against him following which the police arrested Dr Mawani under 354, 354 (A) (1) (2) of IPC.

He was produced before the court which released him on bond.