Published On : Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Sex is not something to be ashamed of : Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol
Mumbai Police recently raided several hotels in the city and detained 40 couples for alleged ‘indecent ehaviour’.

However, Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) Deven Bharti admitting that it was the mistake of the police to do so said that the entire operation got ‘messed up’.

The raids that were reportedly carried out following ‘unverified’ information that ‘prostitution-like activities’ were happening there were slammed by several people from the tinsel town.

People caught by the police narrating their horrific experience informed of the ‘humiliation’ they suffered while being in the police custody. “The police first insulted all of us in front of all the officers and the other couples and then forced us to call our parents and insulted and disgraced us in front of them. They also made the parents feel guilty as if their children had committed some heinous crime,” a youngster shared.

“I am literally contemplating ending my life because of the trauma and the stigma from the raid. I haven’t been able to step out of the house and my parents have also not spoken a single word to me since this morning,” a 19-year-old girl told a leading daily.

On the other hand, ridiculed by the police and insulted by everyone present at the station, a 21-year-old told another newspaper, “I am not a prostitute. I am an adult who was out with my fiancé; who I am supposed to marry next month, to find some privacy. I had entered my name in the hotel register with my identity proof and also handed over the relevant documents when asked by the cops. But, when I tried to tell a female constable all of this, she slapped me.”

Their crime? They were alone in a room, possibly having sex. After hours of questioning, a Rs. 1200 fine and even calls to their parents, they were finally allowed to go home. But the damage was done. Their takeaway was lifelong humiliation.

Echoing most of our thoughts about this raid that poses as a threat to basic privacy and rights, Abhay Deol wrote a long message on his Facebook page, concerned about the archaic mentality we have about sex. He starts by expressing his unabashed opinion on it.

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