Published On : Fri, Jan 29th, 2016

Sex for driving lessons termed legal in Netherlands!

Sex for driving
While asking for sexual favours in return of any service rendered to an individual has been considered unethical in any country, government officials in Netherlands have now declared that it will not be illegal in case of driving lessons.

Dutch driving instructors can now legally ask for sex in exchange for driving lessons, and this move has sparked off a debate in the country where prostitution is legal. The conservative party that forms the Dutch opposition called it “illegal prostitution.

The law, which got support from Transport Minister Melanie Schultz Van Haegan and Justice minister Ard van der Steur, says that there is nothing wrong in taking sex as payment as long as the students are above 18, as reported by Mail Online

But describing sex offered by students as illegal they told hat, “It is important that the initiative lies with the driving instructor and focuses on offering a driving lesson, with the payment provided in sexual acts, when a sexual act is offered in lieu of financial payment, that is prostitution.”Fascinating, Dutch driving instructors can now legally accept sex as payment for driving lessons. In other news, I am considering a new job, tweeted a citizen.

The unusual law in the Netherlands states that it is legal for driving instructors to offer lessons in return for sex, as long as students are over the age of 18.

With the law allowing trainers to take sex as payment and terming the same by students as illegal, it will come as a challenge for authorities to effectively implement.