Published On : Tue, May 20th, 2014

Seven fall trap to fake gold scheme; cheated with Rs 10.07 lakh

gold-ponzi-schemeNagpur News.

Gullible Nagpur people continue to fall in the trap of many fake schemes promising them huge returns. Yet another scheme that lured people to invest little sum every month to get gold ornaments after an year, went awry as the investors felt cheated at the end of the maturity period. Around seven investors reported the fraud so far. These people were asked to deposit Rs 5000 monthly to get the gold ornaments of their choice after they would complete an year.

Lakadganj police informed that the accused have been identified as Amol alias Aman Nandlal Santra (30), Vimal Nandlal Santra (24), and Sameer Abhini Santra (40), a native of West Bengal.

Sources said that the accused proposed an investment scheme to complainant Sanjay Sapelkar (31) wherein Sanjay was asked to invest Rs 5,000 per month. Sanjay along with other seven persons fell prey to the alluring scheme and invested religiously. However, on March 3, 2014, their scheme matured and they tried to confront the accused regarding the ornaments. The accused conveniently avoided Sanjay’s calls and made lame excuses about the ornaments. Sanjay finally got the wind of the situation and reached Lakadganj police station to lodge a complaint against the accused.

Sanjay informed the police that he and seven others have invested around Rs 10.07 lakh in the scheme. Cops have registered an offence under Sections 420 and 34 of the IPC against Amol, Vimal and Sameer and have launched a manhunt for the three.