Published On : Sun, Mar 20th, 2016

Service through fellowship is the lifeline of Round Table India: Suman Voora

DSC_0787Nagpur: National President of Round Table India (RTI) and Head of the 54th National Board Tabler Suman Voora in an exclusive chat with Nagpur Today said that the Round Table India have maintained an image of an organization of non-political and non-sectarian young men who are committed and passionate to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National pressing issues.


While elaborating about the Round Table India, he said that there are 165 Tables in 75 cities and towns. The members include businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals.

While speaking about the Nagpur Round Table -83 he said that they have been excellent in completing the aims and objectives of the organization. Their efforts on Community Service Projects especially the Freedom through Education has been exemplary.

Tabler Suman Voora said that recently they signed an MoU with Cognisant Foundation for a whopping sum of Rs 7.5 Crores to build classrooms for the Flood affected schools in Chennai.

While speaking about enhancing the financial aid to NRT-83, he said that they are looking at providing more funds for Freedom Through Education Projects that they undertake.

Tabler Suman Voora claimed that almost all the members of NRT-83 and exemplary and have excelled in whichever duty or portfolio was allocated to them. One of the leaders from NRT-83 Piyush Daga has now been inducted in the National Board of Round Table India. He also suggested that Piyush Daga has all the qualities and caliber to become the future National President. Suman Voora added that the wishes of all the members of National Board are with Piyush Daga and he deserves to succeed only because of his tenacity and performance.

While speaking about the passion and the innovative methods adopted by the members of all the Tables of Round Table India, he said that the Passion is created by Round Table India. They believe in being United and working Hand-in-hand to achieve the goals, be it short-term or long term goals.

He said that all the members of all the Tables of Round Table India come together especially during crisis at any place, city, town in India. He claimed that during crisis, all the Tables lose their individuality and become one big family and everybody will work with unison for the speedy recovery of the affected region.

While elaborating about the innovative methods in raising funds, he said that Round Table is a Brand and that they know that they will succeed because of their clean image, the right perspective, the aims and the means to achieve the aims are legitimate and good.

Suman Voora also said that their concept of Service Through Fellowship is the lifeline of Round Table India. It is only through the fellowship of the members that this organization has served the community for the last 45 years.

He added that they have grown from strength to strength and today they are building big projects and have moved over from community service to community development.

In his message to all the Nagpur Round Tablers-83, National President of Round Table India Suman Voora said three points:

  1. Fellowship and Bonding of Nagpur Round Tabler-83 is all time high.
  2. Good involvement of Nagpur Round Tabler-83 with Community Service Projects.
  3. Nagpur Round Tabler-83 is working very hard in the Freedom Through Education Project and
  4. Nagpur Round Tabler-83 has been actively participating in the Area and National Boards.