Published On : Wed, Apr 9th, 2014

Series of errors in new voter cards disappoint first timers in Nagpur; EC turns blind eye

Nagpur News.

As the time is melting fast to flow into the voting day on April 10, the poll meter has acquired enormous pace taking the level of excitement to new high particularly for those who will be exercising their rights for the first time. The Election Commission might be taking no chance to ensure that no poll code is violated but little did they realize the young voters are crying apathy on EC’s side. Gross negligence has been surfaced in many of the voter cards received by the young voters in Nagpur.

To their dismay the young voters have discovered series of anomalies in their voter identity cards, their official license to vote. Most of the young and growing new breed of voters here has been complaining over low quality of paper and print along with telling errors in the voting cards issued to them recently. The snapshots of their faces are blackened beyond recognition. Moreover, the addresses have been mentioned wrong in most of the cards.

One such example is of Abhijit Mahendra Sahu, a resident of 28, Pragati Colony, Wardha road in Nagpur.

In a mail sent to Nagpur Today, Abhijit has also attached the scanned copy of his voting card which he received recently from the Election Commission of India. The poor quality lamination is tearing from sides uncovering the paper. The printing is toned down and the worst, even the address mentioned is incorrect, Abhijit informed.

votercardHe added that instead of his correct address, the voting card issued in his name carries the address of Modern Cooperative Society suffixed with series of places like Chhatrapati Nagar, Kanfade Nagar and eventually Pragati Colony.

“No one even in my family could recognize my photograph embossed on the card, leave aside the rest. The date of birth is also wrong. I am sure there are many like me facing the similar problem,” Abhijit lamented.

Similar other errors have been reported in the voting cards issued to those anxious about casting polls for the first time in different areas of Nagpur.

An official on condition of anonymity revealed, “Days before the polling day, entire staff was engaged in poll duty that mostly entails ensuring fair and peaceful polls to be conducted and candidates follow fair means to propagate their agenda. Due to this the pending works to issue voting card and monitoring the quality check took the back seat. And the result is poor quality cards clubbed with pack of errors.”