Published On : Tue, Nov 2nd, 2021

Sensational charge: Mumbai NCB has links spread up to Gujarat’s Mundra Port: Atul Londhe

Nagpur/Mumbai: The chief spokesman of State Congress Atul Londhe on Tuesday made a sensational charge by accusing the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) of having links with the drug seizure at Mundra Port in Gujarat. “Car of Ravindra Kadam was used in smuggling drugs from Gujarat. However, when the address of the original owner of the car (MH-12/JH 3000) was searched, the address found was 815, Manik Square, Karad. This address was also found bogus. Moreover, while giving an interview to a private portal, Gosavi had inadvertently admitted that he had gone to Mundra Port. In the Aryan Khan drugs case, the Narcotics Control Bureau has direct links with Gujarat’s Mundra Port,” claimed Londhe at a press conference held at Mumbai’s Press Club on Tuesday.

According to reports, Londhe further claimed that Kiran Gosavi went to Gujarat on September 22, 2021. “We have a video clip in which Manish Bhanushali is saying ‘Kaam Ho Gaya.’ Sam Desouza himself too admitted that Rs 50 lakh exchanged hands in the car. The same car had gone to Gujarat. What is the role of car owner Ravindra Kadam? Is he the mastermind of the entire episode or a pawn? Neeraj Yadav who also figured in the case is an activist of Madhya Pradesh BJP,” the Congress chief spokesman stated.

“The raid conducted by the Narcotics Control Bureau on a cruise ship in Mumbai and subsequent action against some persons was an attempt to deflect attention from the “real issue” of the drugs seizure at Mundra Port in Gujarat. The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had seized 25,000 kg heroin from two containers at the Adani-operated Mundra Port in Gujarat’s Kutch district. This action was the biggest in the world. They are deflecting attention from the real issue,” charged Londhe.

Londhe further alleged that tThe Director of DRI had seized drugs worth crores from Mundra Port. But suddenly he was deprived of probe authority and the investigation was handed over to the NIA. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) comes under the authority of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Shah openly admits Adani is his “best friend.” “It is good if the government stops peddling of drugs and their consumption in the state. But at the same time, it has to be noted that there has been no action or discussion on the seizure of drugs worth crores at the Mundra Port in Gujarat. There is room for doubt if such raids are being conducted to shift focus from the last month’s seizure,” the State Congress chief spokesperson Londhe said.