Published On : Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

School kids heard terror suspects say ‘ONGC’, ‘School’

Maharashtra Police

Mumbai/Nagpur: The Indian Navy, Air Force, Mumbai Crime Branch, Anti Terrorism Squad, Mumbai Police on highest alert in Mumbai after the alleged terror suspects were spotted in Uran this morning.

The men were speaking a different language, the school kids said. NDTV reports that the men were wearing Pathani suits and the two words that the school children caught were ‘ONGC’ and ‘School’. There is an ONGC oil rig in Uran. The children said the men were carrying what looked like guns.

If you’ve just joined us, between four and five men suspected to be terrorists were spotted wearing black clothes carrying arms near the ammunition dump in Uran near Maharashtra, at 6 am today, say news reports. This was confirmed by the state DGP.

The men were spotted by children on their way to school who then informed their teacher, who informed the principal. The principal informed the police.

A search operation has been initiated in the state with the Indian Navy on high alert. The children also said the men had covered their faces.

The alert comes amid heightened tension between India and Pakistan over the Uri army camp attack last week, in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani terrorists.