Published On : Mon, May 15th, 2017

Sangh Shiksha Varg – Trutiya Varsha inaugurated today at Nagpur

‘’We all are in the process of learning and this journey never ends. Sangh Shiksha Varg – Trutiya Varsh is a great opportunity to learn various aspects of RSS. This varg should become a golden period of your life” said Dattatrey Hosbale, Sah SarKarywah of RSS. He was speaking at the inaugural function of Sangh Shiksha Varg – Trutiya Varsh at Nagpur today.

Sangh Shiksha Varg – Trutiya Varsh of RSS was inaugurated today morning at Dr. Hedgewar Smriti Mandir premises at Reshimbag, Nagpur. 914 swaymsevaks from across India are participating in this course.

In his inaugural address, Dattatrey Hosbabale, said “It is a dream of every swaymsevak to participate in this varg. You all are fortunate that you got this opportunity. This varg has special significance because it is held at a place where the founder of RSS Dr. Hedgewar , the second RSS Sarsanghchalak has actually worked with thousands of Swaymsevaks making this place divine. We get a true national perspective in this varg as we live with participants from across the nation. “

“Today, there is great curiosity among the people about RSS. When renowned industrialist Shri. Ratan Ji Tata visited this premises, he was also curious to know how a Shakha functions. Thus people have great expectations about RSS and we all should live up to their expectations.”

In his welcome address, Dr. Prithivraj Singh, Sarvadhikari of the Varg, welcomed all the participants and expected that they will make the best of this training.

In his address Anil Oke, the Palak Adhikari of the Varg emphasized the idea behind this training. Citing the example from Mahabharat, he said “ today’s circumstances are like Kurukshetra and this training is to reinstall the right values in the society. He said that there is a difference between value and price. A value is set by paying the appropriate price. Lord Rama set the value of an ‘ideal son’ by paying the price of ‘14 years of exile’. So if you have to install right values in the society, you will have to pay the price of these 25 days of your life. Let’s dedicate these days for the cause of the nation.”