Published On : Thu, Dec 11th, 2014

Salman Khan’s blue bracelet gone as gift to Paris Hilton!!


Some may be shocked while others may be surprised to know this. Yes, the bracelet which once used to adorn the wrist of Bollywood’s Bhai Salman Khan will not be seen anymore. This is the same bracelet with big blue stone embedded into it and the one you have seen him wearing in many of his films! So where’s the bracelet gone? Well she has gifted his favourite and even lucky charm to none other than American socialite Paris Hilton who was recently in India to perform at a private event in Pune. Hilton’s visit was very short with Salman playing the perfect host to her.

He spent some warm moments with her and had the gala time together.

Later Salman did the unbelievable thing. He wore out his bracelet and gifted it to Paris who was taken by surprise. She later also flaunted this bracelet in her wrist and proudly posed for it.

Salman is known for his chemistry with firangi beauties and was also seen entertaining Pamela Anderson during her stay in the Bigg Boss house.

Paris Hilton performed at a private party in Pune during her hush-hush visit to India. The guest list included ‘good friend’ Salman Khan, with whom she posted the above picture, and singer Mika. Mika was so taken by Paris that he gave her the khanda that he was wearing at the party and Salman helped her wear it.