Published On : Fri, May 8th, 2015

Salman bail – what role did Modi aide Zafar Sareshwala play?

Zafar Sareshwala after meeting Salman Khan at his resident in morning today

Zafar Sareshwala after meeting Salman Khan at his resident in morning today

Mumbai/Nagpur: Today, from one point of view, it was anti climax. Yesterday, we all – except Salman die hard fans – were celebrating the ‘victory’ of the Rule of Law in our country. And how a fair judgement had been delivered. Today while overturning that judgement, the High Court judge, Justice Thipsay, found a lot of holes in the Prosecution’s case and even in the judgement.

“Why are you opposing bail?” He asked.

Finally, he found grounds to overturn the verdict and allowed appeal to be admitted. All this happened with lightening speed if you remember. Now the question is, did or did not Salman get preferential treatment? Was it because his team of lawyers had done their homework very well and were prepared for all eventualities or were there other factors at play too? Apart from the fact, of course that he is a very rich celebrity whose films break the 100 crores record each and every time?

Rewind back to ‘Sankrant’ in Ahmedabad two years ago. Month of January – when everyone flies kites. Salman surprised everyone by turning up to fly kites with Modi, CM of Gujarat, and also a front runner for PM’s chair in Delhi. The whole BJP campaign was based on him and around him, so everyone who met him or was seen with him became visible in public eye immediately.

Salman was questioned too. “Was he joining BJP?” he was asked. He replied diplomatically that he was with all parties.

But then his dad Saleem got into the act. He openly praised Modi and vouched that he was not anti – Muslims.

Why are we remembering all this now ? Because, yesterday, in the crazy star gazing media reporting all those other celebrities dropping in at Salman’s house, everyone missed one significant visitor – Zafar Sareshwala. He is supposedly a close aide of PM Modi, also some say, a business associate.

Later speaking to News channel Zafar said very confidently that Salman had to get bail on Friday.

He also said that the previous UPA Government had “victimized” Salman deliberately invoked section 304 A against him out of vindictiveness. He said it had been done because Salman was seen flying kites with Modi, and Modi was the Congress party’s bete noir then. He also said that Congress wanted to play the Hindu card by being harsh against Salman.

Be all that as it may, one wonders….how did Jaffer speak so confidently about what was going to happen today?

If you read between the lines, what is at play here?