Published On : Wed, Jun 29th, 2016

Salim Khan pulls up Arnab Goswami for his pro-PM and anti-Salman show!


Salman Khan’s insensitive comment in an interview while promoting Sultan has created the furore. The superstar received a lot of flak for his comment and Twitterati trolled him endlessly. The controversy thus created had prompted father Salim Khan who had to take to social media to apologize on Salman’s behalf. Salman’s foot-in-the-mouth remark enraged one and all; many media channels ran the story during prime-time. Times Now’s Arnab Goswami ran debates after debates on Salman’s ‘raped woman’ comment. This had irked Salim Khan, Salman’s father. He had then tweeted- When the hate campaign against Salman was going on in debate no 1 debate no 2, fortunately for us there was no debate no 3 4 or 5- thereby indirectly taking on Arnab Goswami.

Today too, Salim Khan expressed his displeasure with Arnab Goswami’s way of conducting ‘loud’ debates and slammed him. In a series of tweets, he sarcastically took on Arnab for being polite and soft in his demeanor during his interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi that was aired yesterday. He also took on Arnab for running those debates on Salman’s comments and for obsessively covering sheer follies of Salman.


Salim Khan wrote-
What? You only watch Times now, that too for Arnab? It’s not for his obsessive love for Salman and highest regard for me it is on medical grounds.

What medical grounds ? Yes, cause I am 40% short of hearing in both ears. That’s the only channel I can hear word by word.

But last night I saw Arnab interview the PM and I couldn’t hear a word in spite of the volume being on max.
Arnab was so soft that I had to…guess the question from the PMs answers. Now where are the hypocrites who say he can only shout or that he is not afraid of anyone??