Published On : Thu, May 14th, 2015

RTE: Admissions begin in 110 out 291 schools after DDE sends notice

Nagpur: The Deputy Director of Education (DDE) of Nagpur division issued a show cause notice on Monday to 291 schools in the city. These select schools were sent notices because of their refusal to admit students under the 25 percent RTE quota. Schools were on a deadline till Wednesday evening to reply, failing which the process of de-recognizing the school was to be initiated.

In 110 schools the admission process has begun, allowing action to be taken against the remaining 181 by the education department.

On Thursday, education officials may begin the process of taking action against those 181 schools. DDE Anil Pardhi is reputed for his no-nonsense attitude and clean record. His reputation for being strict has done the trick as the notice has made its mark on many schools.

The Education Department was insistent that intake should be done at both primary and pre-primary level. Paridhi also suggested that schools at least start admitting students at their original entry level and the second entry level admission issue could be resolved mutually.

The process of finding a solution has kick-started with the beginning of RTE admissions. On Wednesday afternoon, members of a political party agitated at the primary education office demanding full compliance of the RTE admissions.