Published On : Sat, Aug 2nd, 2014

Rs 2 lakhs as reward to anyone providing information on the theft of betel nuts worth Rs 25 lakhs

The role of the Truck driver, Helper, Chatwal Transport and the Wadi Police raise several suspicions

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scan0165In the past one year, the thefts of an entire truck laden with goods and cargo have become common in the city. In a similar case, an entire truck laden with betel nuts was stolen. However, when the news spread about the stolen truck, after 4-5 days, the empty truck was found, but till date nothing could be detected about the stolen cargo of betel nuts. Due to the lethargy of the police officials in this case, the thieves have escaped arrest so far. When nothing else succeeded, the truck owner has decided to reward Rs 2 lakhs for all those informants who provide concrete information about the theft of betel nuts cargo worth Rs 25 lakhs.

The events as they occurred are as follows:

A betel nut laden truck bearing registration number CG-04 / GA 8837 belonging to Bangalore-Nagpur Roadways (Chatwal Group) started from Bangalore to Nagpur. The truck of Chatwal Group is also affiliated with East India Transport Agency. This cargo of betel nuts was booked in the East India Transport Agency in Bangalore. The cargo was loaded by the East India Transport Agency onto the truck of Chatwal Group and was sent to Nagpur.

However, after reaching Nagpur, this truck laden with betel nuts cargo disappeared in a dramatically. The theft of the truck laden with the goods was registered with the Wadi Police Station. (FIR No. 108/16/6/2014). The police machinery did not undertake any forceful action against the thieves. On June 23, 2014, the empty truck was found standing near the Giddoba Temple in Vathoda area.  However, the Wadi Police officials did not take any concrete action even then.

Outraged by the inaction and the working style of the Wadi Police Station, Manager of the East India Transport Agency Devkumar Sharma wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police on June 26, 2014 informing him that from his office in Bangalore, the cargo bearing Bill No 4546175 booked by M/s Shri Manjunath Traders to M/s Dev and Company, Kanpur’s 265 Bags of Alu Supari (potato sized betel nuts) weighing 15,900 kilograms and worth Rs 24,68,000/-. The truck had reportedly reached the East India Transport Agency’s Godown in Nagpur on June 15, 2014 at 11 am.

Since June 15, 2014 was a Sunday, the Truck driver left for Nagpur, leaving the cleaner with the truck. However, on Monday, the June 16, 2014 between 3 and 4 am, some thieves forcibily took away the truck.

A complaint regarding this theft was lodged with Wadi Police Station. The Truck owners found the empty truck on June 23, 2014 on Wathoda Ring Road. However, till date, the whereabouts of the consignment of betel nuts is not known. Therefore a high level probe is needed in this case.

The Manager of  East India Transport Agency Devkumar raised the issue with the Nagpur Trucker’s Unity and Truck Owners and Broker’s Association President and sought his help.

Taking a serious note, the President of the All India Transport Association (Nagpur) R K Verma wrote a letter to the Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on July 5, 2014. He urged Gadkari to look into the matter and provide justice to the truck owners.

The Commissioner of Police in-turn, while taking a pro-active step transferred the probe from Wadi to Sonegaon Police Station. The Sonegaon Police Station informed the Manager that a thorough probe is underway. However, the Sonegaon Police Officials advised the Truck Owner to announce a reward for the information. On the advice of the Sonegaon Police Station, the truck owner has announced a reward of Rs 2 lakhs for any informant providing concrete information on the theft of the consignment of betel nuts.

The information can be given on the following mobile numbers:

1. 09422102751

2. 09325302924

3. 09923465045.

Representational Pic

Representational Pic