Published On : Wed, Nov 18th, 2015

Rs 2 cr #Rimi Sen got big price at Bigg Boss


Rimi Sen
Those following fresh season of Bigg Boss may not find anything interesting about Rimi Sen, one of the celeb participants, but they may be certainly taken by surprise by knowing this. According to various reports in the media, Rimi was reportedly paid a whopping Rs 2 crore as the signing amount, which is more than the winner’s prize money.

The reports also mention that she is one of the most popular contestants from the current season. Apparently Rs 2 crore is the highest fee for any contestant in the history of Bigg Boss. Apart from the exposure that the show offers, it is also the lucrative amount that draws the celebs towards ‘Bigg Boss’.

If reports in the media are to be believed, every contestant is given weekly payment after he/she survives the initial two weeks in the show, based on their popularity.


So the least popular contestant reportedly is on a pay roll of Rs 3 lakh per week whereas the highly popular one gets close to Rs 5 lakh per week. How much of this is true we don’t know but it is really surprising that Rimi was actually paid Rs 2 crore to enter the house. This also means that the contestant with the highest weekly fee, will still get less money than Rimi.