Published On : Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Rs 10 crore “Supari” may have played role in Nimgade murder?

Nimgade Murder Case


Nagpur: The high-profile murder of senior architect Eknath Nimgade in the early hours of September 6, 2016 in busy Gandhibagh by an Activa-borne assailant area could get cracked soon. If sources are to be believed, the Crime Branch sleuths, after interrogating hundreds of suspects, likely to pin down the role of notorious gangster who is a MCOCA detainee and lodged in jail.

The criminal world is agog with the speculation that Rs 10 crore ‘Supari’ (contract to kill) played the crucial role in the elimination of 74-year old architect Eknath Nimgade over property dispute. According to sources, the staggering “Supari” amount has already exchanged hands and reached the pockets of the “killers.” The ‘dreaded hand’ of the MCOCA accused could get exposed if the investigation in Nimgade murder reached to its logical end. The gangster could have masterminded the “planning and execution” of the murder from his prison cell. A sharp shooter from Hyderabad could have ‘accomplished the mission’ is also the topic of hot discussions among the criminal world. “The murder was planned a year ago” sources said.

Nimgade (74), a former architect and valuer, had succumbed to bullet injuries after he sustained five of the eight rounds that were fired upon him near Lal Imli Chowk in Gandhibagh on September 6. The high-profile murder had pointed fingers on the role of a lawyer, builder, land mafia and some white-collared leaders. And now, the gangsters are also on the radars of the investigators.

According to sources, around 1000 suspects have been interrogated in the murder case so far. But the breakthrough is dodging the cops. The cops have so far recovered around 25 CCTV footages from different corners of the road where Nimgade was murdered to spot the black Activa. But the videos have proved worthless due to their inferior quality. According to a senior cop, the video clips of the assailant captured in the CCTV camera were blurry. A huge database of scooter of the same brand is being perused from different dealers, distributors and retailers. Cops in different localities too are learnt to be engaged to spot the black Activa.