Published On : Thu, Dec 10th, 2015

Round Tablers from all states unite in helping flood affected people of Chennai

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: Words need to be translated into deeds to be recognized as trusted person or organization. Round Table India has proved that they practice what they preach and extend their philanthropic work from construction of school buildings for poor and needy to actually helping flood affected people of Chennai.

One can be prepared for man-made calamities. However, when natural disasters or calamities strike no one can do anything. Natural calamities does not differentiate between rich or poor, high caste or low caste, between religions. Everyone gets affected adversely.

Flood is one of the worst calamities. It simply washes away everything including food, money, wealth, clothes etc. People have to practically starve, remain wet and shivering in the cold water till they are rescued and moved to safer and drier places.


Round Tablers from all over the country joined hands and decided to help these flood affected people in Chennai. Not only did they procure blankets, clothes, food and all such things necessary for the sustenance of the people, they practically delivered the goods to them.


The Tablers from Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur, Mumbai and other places visited Chennai and reached the essential goods to people wading in hip-deep waters. While many NGOs and social organizations did their part in reaching out to the flood victims, many did for ulterior motives and publicity.

Round Tablers performed this noble deed without any ulterior motive of public recognition. Their deeds at Chennai are really worth appreciating.

flood affected people of Chennai (9)True philanthropy by Tablers                                                      

Flood has ravaged Chennai. Chennai needs to be practically rebuilt, so do the lives of people. While many NGOs are working, many others outside Chennai are doing their bit by raising funds.  Thousands of flood victims were taken care of by Round Tablers from all over India. They used their business acumen, innate and acquired skills in planning and thinking about all such things which the flood-hit citizens may require.

Blankets and Mats, Ample food and water for hunger and thirst, hygiene for disease prevention and medical camp for health, Tablers had taken care of it all. Two truck-loads of relief material organized by Round Tablers despatched to Chennai.flood affected people of Chennai (8)

  1. Assorted New Dresses           150
  2. Water can-20 litres           100
  3. Water Pouches (250 ml)           100 X 60
  4. Candles (three boxes-Big Size)           350
  5. Snacks (50 kgs each)                    2 boxes
  6. Milk Powder (80 pieces)                   2 boxes
  7. Biscuits (40 boxes)                    2600 pieces
  8. Fried Grams (200 pieces) 20 kilograms
  9. Peanut candy (One box)           6 kilograms
  10. New Mat                    15 Nos
  11. Medicines (Cold, Fever, Cough Syrup, Diarrhoea, Pain Killers, Ointments, ORS, Glucose Powder, New Blankets 100 pieces
  1. New Towels           33
  2. Mosquito Repellents           15 packets
  3. Dhoti-Saree                    50-sets
  4. Rice                    20 kilograms
  5. Paper Plates           600
  6. Paper cups 1000
  7. Food packets 64300
  8. Biscuits Packets 31,500
  9. Bread Packets 25000
  10. Blankets 2000
  11. Water Bottles 25000
  12. Milk benefitting over one lakh people     3200 Litres

flood affected people of Chennai (6)On Sunday, three truck loads was despatched from Aruna Alloys

  1. Marie Biscuits           1000 packets
  2. Sun feast Biscuits                              1000 packets
  3. Rusk 1000 Packets
  4. Tooth Brush                    1000 Numbers
  5. Tooth Paste                              1000 Numbers
  6. Bed-Sheets                              1000
  7. Mats                              1000
  8. Towels                                       1000
  9. Cough Syrup 1000
  10. Dolo (10 Tablet strips) 1000
  11. Erythromycin (10 Tablet strips)           1000
  12. Ointment                                       1000 Numbers
  13. Sanitary Napkins 2000 packets
  14. Milk Powder (1 kg pack) 626 kilograms
  15. 20 litre Water Can 1000 cans
  16. One litre Water bottles                     1000
  17.   Two-litre Water bottle                      200
  18.   Buckets                                             2000

flood affected people of Chennai (4)Each round table of different states and cities and areas are undertaking means of raising funds for the flood affected Chennai. One innovative fund raising was the auction of an Over Coat studded with more than one thousand Round Table Pins (Emblems). Till the time of filing this report the amount had reached an amount of 4, 55,555/- (Rupees Four lakhs 5 thousand five hundred and fifty-five).  The Tablers  from all over India not just opened their hearts for the citizens of Chennai, they opened their purse strings too. Fun loving people that they are, they cut back their expenses so that they can donate for a noble cause.

While people from other states gathered money and goods and despatched them to Chennai, the Tablers from Tamil Nadu not only arrived at Chennai leaving all their careers, jobs, business and have been spending days together to ensure that the stranded citizens of Chennai are brought to safe house and they are fed, clothed, treated for medical ailments, preventive medicines given to avoid spread of diseases, proper sleeping arrangements are ensured.

The Tablers of Tamil Nadu stood for hours together in hip-deep or neck-deep in water in order to ensure that people are rescued, carried away to safe and dry place. flood affected people of Chennai (5)
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