Published On : Wed, Mar 22nd, 2017

Round Table India to auction pin studded jacket of Late Utkarsh Jani for cause of cancer patients

The members of the Round Table India are not only resourceful but are also innovative in their quest for philanthropic activities. The Round Table India can be ably summed up as “a solution in search of a problem”. In their latest quest, in memory of one of their “fallen soldiers”, an auction of Pin Studded Jacket is being conducted on social media platform of Whatsapp and participated by 250 members directly and more than 4500 members indirectly.

The funds raised from this auction are proposed to be used for Utkarsh Jani Memorial Chemotherapy Unit. All the donations in cheque or bank transfer will be given a receipt which will enable the donor to avail tax exemption as per Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act. The members of various Round Table from Nagpur too are said to be participating actively and enthusiastically in this auction. LMF Tabler Piyush Daga from Nagpur has also contributed some pins for the Jacket Auction.

Utkarsh Jani:

Utkarsh means welfare and progress. He was born on 20/10/1978 and left for heavenly abode on 19/11/2015. He was an obedient son, loving husband and a caring father. By profession Utkarsh Jani was a lawyer and an achiever throughout his life. At an early age of 10 years he got Rashtriya Puraskar from President of India as Best Scout. He had also earned many medals in Karate, Volleyball, Skit, Drama, etc. He was a National Player of Volleyball and had received Best Actor Award from Indian National Theatre. He also participated in many skit, dramas and mimes. He had several awards and recognition from Round Table International as well.

The auction:

The auction is slated to be held in two parts, Mini Auction and Mega Auction.

The Mini Auction has already commenced and is slated to end on Wednesday the March 22, 2017 at 6 pm. The auction is said to be for a 300 pins jacket. Till the filing of the story, the current highest bid of Rs 201717/- was made by Tr. Saurav Karnani from Calcutta Round Table 17. The winner will get due recognition in the Mini Auction with a 300 pins jacket, Name and Photograph on the Wall of Fame in Utkarsh Jani Memorial Chemotherapy Unit, Special Utkarsh Jani T-shirts, a letter of gratitude from Utkarsh Jani Family, A Utkarsh Jani Donor Plaque, Special Donor Page on Utkarsh Jani’s website with a Certification and Honour Roll from Round Table India President.

The winner of the Mega Auction will begin with Special Embodied Jacket of Late Tabler Uttkarsha Jani containing 150 priced pins that were close to the heart of beloved Utkarsh Jani. The prize also consists of 150 Utkarsh Jani Pins, 150 Pin Jacket donated by Tabler Sumit Khurana of Delhi Metro Round Table-149, 100 International Pins Hat by Square Leg Tabler Manish Kapoor of Delhi West Round Table-50, 200 Pins donated by various Tablers and from across the country (Totaling 600 Pins to begin as of now with more pins and goodies proposed to be added by the Auctioneers from time to time to motivate the bidders and keep the process engaging! The Mega Auction too has already commenced and is slated to end on Sunday the March 26, 2017. The Current Highest Bid of Rs 345019/- has been made by Aditya Jhunjunwala of Bombay North Round Table-19. The Prize for Mega Auction includes Mega Prize, Name and Photograph on Wall of Fame in Utkarsh Jani Memorial Chemotherapy Unit, Special Utkarsh Jani T-shirts, Letter of gratitude from Utkarsh Jani Family, an Utkarsh Jani Donor Plaque, Special Donor Page on Utkarsh Jani’s website, Certification and Honour Roll from Round Table International President along with Round Table India President.

The main purpose of Donation is an activity undertaken as a memoir of one of the members of Round Table India named Late Tabler Utkarsh Bharatbhai Jani who succumbed to cancer on November 19, 2015. The Home-Table ART-40 is keen to work and support patients with similar ailment and god-willing help them to fight and win against this dreaded disease. They have decided that they shall support Chemotherapies of men between the age group of 18 years to 40 years who fall in the lower socio-economic strata of the society. The types of Cancer which we are generally found and we plan to treat include a. Blood Cancer, b. Hodgkin Cancer, c. Non-Hodgkin Cancer. Dr. Manoj Kapoor (Square Leg and Past President of 41’ners Club) of Samarpan Hospital has been kind enough to dedicate a special room on permanent and good will basis which will be considered as Utkarsh Jani Memorial Chemo Therapy Unit for the treatment of the Cancer Patients. They intend to provide free chemotherapy, in the first phase of our planning.

They intend to make a difference to that one bread earner of the family. With increasing donations, they are hopeful of enhancing the help starting with one patient at a time. They have procured the place for this chemotherapy too. They are said to have voluntary doctors who shall monitor the chemotherapy treatment. With the help of Dr. Manoj Kapoor, they have also taken on board “All Ahmedabad Oncology Society” where all the Cancer Specialists Doctors are Members. This society has agreed to support our cause and refer us genuine patients who need good medical treatment, through which the life can be saved.

The members of Round Table India appeal to their Past and Present Members of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India to donate generously for his philanthropic initiative undertaken in the fond memory of LMF Tabler Utkarsh Jani. Please visit