Published On : Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Round Table India from across the country come forward to help flood hit areas of Allahabad, Patna and Varanasi

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: It is only during crisis that one comes to know who their real friends are. Round Table India has always reacted to crisis in a positive manner. Keeping in sync with their usual philanthropic outlook, the members of all the Round Tables in India from all the areas has not only initiated a reaching out operation, but have started collecting funds for basic amenities like food, water, medicines etc.

The information received so far is that Allahabad, Patna and Varanasi, all falling under Area-8 of Round Table India have been badly affected by floods and increasing water levels. Total five tables of each city have come forward and are working on ground zero level.

The top office-bearers of Round Table India have decided and made Allahabad Round Table-192 as a pivot to operate funds under check of area board so that the distribution can be equal to all the three places.

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Kit Bags costing Rs 50 each shall be distributed at Allahabad and Varanasi with Water 1 liter, a packet of rusk, Packet of Parle-G Biscuits, Packet of milk, Basic medicines. Etc. Patna shall ensure distribution of all above where milk shall be replaced by Mosquito nets as every place has different requirement and challenges.

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The volunteers who are working selflessly in the flood hit areas are from Round Table India Area 8, Varanasi, Patna and Allahabad working on ground 0 from last two days in the flood affected areas. The volunteers are identified as Abhishek Pathak, Rahul from Varanasi Round Table-278. Tanmay, Sanket, Ankur, Saurabh from Varanasi Round Table-218, Ankit, Shishir, Prashant from Patna Round Table-247. Rohit, Puneet, Abhishek from Allahabad Round Table-192. Rajat Chadha, Ishaan from Allahabad Round Table-264.

Area 8 Vice Chairman Tarandeep Singh has appealed every member of every Round Table to contribute generously for the noble cause.

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