Published On : Tue, Oct 2nd, 2012

Robbery of 10 Lakhs in Forest colony

Nagpur Crime News : Cash worth 5 Lakhs and ornaments worth 10 Lakhs were stolen from a house situated in Seminary HIlls. According to information, Forest Officer Manish Ghote’s had gone with his family to participate in his grandmother’s 13th day’s post funeral event. They left on Monday afternoon. Sometime after they left, someone broke into their house from the terrace and stole cash worth 5 Lakhs and ornaments worth 10 Lakhs. The cops baffled because no breakage was found on the spot. The doors and windows were intact along with the locks. With the amount of crimes increasing day by day, the already tarnished image of the police is worsening. A day before, an ATM on Ajni Square was damaged as the robbers tried to break the machine to steal cash. There has been no headway on the case so far. The police are hunting for the robbers.