Published On : Fri, Dec 5th, 2014

‘Roaring tigers’ will now be seen surviving on pieces thrown by BJP, says Congress on deal


Taking a jibe at the shaky power sharing deal in Maharashtra, Congress on Thursday slammed Shiv Sena for bowing to Bharatiya Janata Party for greed of power. “The party (Shiv Sena) that was frequently pretending the pride and honour as roaring tigers will now be seen surviving over the pieces thrown by BJP,” said Spokesman of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee Sachin Sawant.
Talking to media after BJP and Shiv Sena reached an agreement to share power in Maharashtra, Sawant said, “Tomorrow, the Shiv Sena leaders will take oath not with upright heads but with heads down. With this deal, the Government’s journey has started from instability to more instability,” declared Sawant without mincing words.
Sawant did not spare Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) either. He said, “The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is wants to finish regional parties. NCP’s support to BJP Government in State was to help Modi’s this objective and keep him in good mood. Now the NCP has lost the moral right to claim the post of Leader of Opposition following its support to BJP Government since past over a month. The NCP has strengthened the hands of BJP Government that runs on the brains of RSS and has lost the face to go before the people. The party’s claim for Leader of Opposition’s post is nothing but a ploy to stay in limelight in public domain,” said the Congress Spokesman.