Published On : Tue, Jun 18th, 2019

Rivals thrive with ‘delivery orders’ owing to Zomato boys agitation

Nagpur: Though agitation of Zomato food delivery boys have picked up momentum, the administration seems to dissuade itself, even from listening plea of vulnerable delivery boys. Irrespective of no fixed income as delivery boys’ salary is basically commission they receive on orders, Zomato’s arbitrary move of increasing their targets and reducing commission per order, appears slyly.

However, on one hand, Zomato food delivery boys who refuse to work due to the uncertain issue. Following which boys staged an agitation in front of the main office of Zomato in Shankar Nagar, where they condemn administration’s order. Zomato’s rival Uber eats and Swiggy are thrived with the delivery orders, source reported.

Ubar Eats, Swiggy blooming with orders
On condition of anonymity, a source from the prominent food delivery platform said that as a result of Zomato delivery boys’ strike, their rivals Uber and Swiggy are blooming with the orders. The city’s online food delivery chain has basically divided into these three major giants. Owing to strike, consumers were seen ‘unable to serve at this time’ on Zomato app owing to which many turned to their rival platforms.

The new rule
The new rules set up by Zomato are forcing delivery boys to complete 22 food deliveries in a day compare to earlier 16-18 and that too with comparatively less commission on per order. The commission which used to be Rs 50/ order, the administration has narrowed it down to Rs 30.

Mandatory target force boys to break traffic law, work late
A source from Zomato informed Nagpur Today, without any euphemism delivery boys are mandate to complete their daily target to secure themselves money in the form of commission. By any means if they failed to do so, they would get deprived of the income. Owing to which, boys have to work for more than 15 hours. Unstable income is also a significant factor when it comes to violating traffic norms and in many cases we have seen, the road mishaps.

The demand
Against the recently hike in the numbers of daily orders and narrowed commission, the Zomato delivery boys are simply seeking simplified working patterns to avoid any uncertainty. However, the authorized personals have turned their blind-eye towards our agony, the Zomato source added.

By Shubham Nagdeve