Published On : Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Celebrating ‘Annaprashan’ of deary daughter with flying colors!

Itika Mittra and Sushant Mittra

Nagpur Today.

Urmi Mittra and Satyajit Mittra were the happy parents as they fondly celebrated Annaprashan ceremony of their lovely daughter cutely named as Itika. The duo called upon guests and relatives from various place to take the joy of celebration to yet another level. In traditional terms, Annaprashan (a Sanskrit word) literally means “grain initiation”. The event saw Itika having her first intake of meals that necessarily include ‘ann’ (food grains). The guests were seen happily bonding over food and some great moments a city’s plush restaurant on Wardha road. The party was synced in perfect rainbow theme and little Itika appeared like a fairy from the wonderland as she dressed up in rainbow attire. The entire banquet was decorated by handmade props specially prepared by Itika’s mother Urmi.

A collage was made for Father’s day celebrations too. There was a surprise for all the fathers present in the house which they happily carried with them. Since it was Satyajit’s first Father’s day a cake ceremony was also organised with gust and gaiety.


“Ritual says that from the day of Annaprashan, baby can start eating solid food and not just depend on milk”, said Soumitra Mittra, Itika’s uncle. This ceremony should be organized by baby’s maternal uncle according our beliefs, he added.

Soumitra said, “I am the 27th generation of the family. Itika is the 28th Generation of the family and I am so happy that finally I have not to remain the youngest in the family. ”

Dipendu Ganguly distance grandfather, said “ I came from Noida to bless our little angel Itika on this day and she is really cute and full of energy.”

Father’s Day Cake


Satyajit, Urmi Mittra with Itika


Abhrunil and Deepika Taludkar


Siddharth Ganguly, Pritha Ganguly and Baby Anay Ganguly


Sumit Gadoo and Bipasha Gadoo


Dr. Sk Mittra and Mrs. Mridula


Swati Dhoot


Yukta Temurnikar


Devesh and Dr. Sanjana


Avantika Chakravorty


Ankur Singh


Alyona Talukdar


Aishwarya Temurnikar


Keson Ganguly and Gautam Ganguly


Runu and Shyam Chakravarti


Sanskriti Dhoot


Swapan and Shivani Mittra


By Farhan Kazi 
Pics by Vikrant Shimpi