Published On : Sun, Apr 18th, 2021

Restaurant operators should be allowed to sell food up to 1 am in Nagpur : S p Singh

Nagpur: The restaurant operators in the city are demanding State Government to extend the sell of foods through online delivery upto 1 am.

“As per ongoing lockdown restrictions in Maharashtra for April, restaurants have been asked to remain closed. However, restaurants have been permitted to sell food delivery online from 7 am to 8 pm. And this online food sell is allowed only through Swiggy, Zomato or likewise,” said S P Singh, Managing Director of Airport Centre Point, Nagpur.

“We have been communicated by Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar that employees of restaurants can’t deliver food at the doorsteps of customers,” he said. However, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has permitted such online sales for 24 hours and also the hotel delivery boy with valid identity card to deliver the foods.

“There is outright discrimination with Nagpur on these two grounds,” he said.

“Firstly, while capital of State i.e Mumbai is permitted for online food sales upto 24 hours and second capital i.e., Nagpur is restricted upto 8 pm only. This 8 pm timing should be extended upto 1 am as several families in Nagpur are COVID-19 positive and basic necessity like food is major problem for them.

“Therefore, we want that the delivery of the food from restaurants should be extended upto 1 am,” Singh said.

“If people don’t get food at their doorsteps after 8 pm, they will move outside in search of restaurants which during the present situation where there is spike in cases of coronavirus,” he pointed out.

The online delivery platforms charge almost 15 per cent to 20 per cent as their commission which becomes costly affair for people during lockdown period. Restaurant delivery boys should be permitted for food delivery as prevalent in Mumbai city, he demanded. He said, normally, the dinner time start at 8 pm and the current order directs restaurants to close at same time.

Singh has demanded the State Government and concerned authorities to allow the sell of food from restaurant upto 1 am.